Repositioning Cruises

What is a repositioning cruise?.


Why choose a Repositioning cruise?

Repositioning cruises are often deeply discounted because of their migratory nature. Essentially a cruise of this nature will involve different embarkation and disembarkation ports. Repositioning cruises only occur a couple of times a year, when the weather changes in the spring and fall, sending ships north for the summer or south for the winter. On these particular sailings, there are typically more days at sea, with less port stops, which is somewhat unappealing to passengers fancying a sea voyage involving many port stops.

Because the  cruise lines wants to turn a profit on transferring a ship to a new location,  a repositioning cruise can be offered at incredible discounts. Savvy, budget minded cruisers can take advantage of repositioning cruises and end up with a great cruise at an affordable price. The cheap cruise price allows travelers to still enjoy a fully-functioning cruise ship experience just with less stops and more days at sea, instead of the normal cruise itineraries during peak seasons, that are very port driven with less days at sea. A repositioning cruise is a great cruise deal because of some rock bottom pricing as well as the larger number of days at sea to relax and intermingle with varied onboard activities to keep travelers busy while sailing.

 Where to find a Repositioning cruise?

Typically cruise lines will reposition some of their ships back and forth due to the changing weather. For instance, say the Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line both operate ships in the Alaska area during the late spring and summer but need to move their ships to warmer waters, like those found in the Caribbean, for the fall, winter and early spring seasons because the weather changes in the area are not desirable for Alaska cruises. And vice versa, when spring time comes around again, the same ship would then make the trek from the Caribbean back to Alaska, to capitalize on the favorable season for sailing the seas surrounding the Alaskan territory.

Finding a repositioning cruise is as easy as calling up your local cruise lines and inquiring about any upcoming repositioning cruises or by contacting a travel agent and expressing your desires to book a repositioning cruise. Here are some examples of repositioning cruises to give you an idea of what a repositioning cruise may entail.

  • Barcelona to Galveston, Texas  - This repositioning cruise departs Oct. 28 for a 16-night cruise from Barcelona to Galveston with stops in two ports in Spain, plus additional stops in the Canary Islands and the Turks & Caicos region with inside cabins priced at $549 per person aboard Royal Caribbean Voyager of the Sea. (Note: This cruise may experience chilly weather making the ship's outdoor water park non-enjoyable.)
  • Southampton, England to New York - This repositioning cruise is a 7-night Transatlantic crossing on the Queen Mary 2 that departs Nov. 11th and sails straight across without any port stops abroad, with per person pricing starting at $550 for an inside cabin and $750 for an outside cabin. There are plenty of ship activities to keep travelers entertained on this non-stop cruise to the United States.
  • Repositioning Cruise from Fort Lauderdale to Monte Carlo - Enjoy complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that are included in the fare ($5,000 per person). Departing on April 3rd for an 18-night cruise originating in Europe that will consist 11 days at sea with port stops in Bermuda, Spain and France.
  • Repositioning Cruises from Los Angeles to Miami - Departs April 12th for a 15-day Panama Canal journey from Los Angeles to Miami with stops in Mexico, South America and the Caribbean with prices from $900 per person.

The above examples are of cruises that have previously sailed and are no longer available.

Repositioning Cruises - Cheap cruise deals with diverse itineraries.

The value of a repositioning cruise greatly benefits travelers that like long days at sea and onboard activities. Repositioning cruises usually do stop in a few select ports on their journey, but if you are a traveler that enjoys port excursions, you may want to rethink booking this type of cruise even though the cheap cruise fare is very attractive. Repositioning cruise port stops can also be quite exotic on some itineraries offering travelers unique on shore experiences that they wouldn't find on normal in-season cruises. Repositioning cruise bargains vary from cruise line to cruise line, so make sure to research as many cruise lines as possible, to find the best deal.

And though you may find a cheap repositioning cruise be mindful that since these cruises are one way you'll need to factor in a flight cost as well, which may up the price of your overall trip considerably, canceling out the discounted value of the cruise itself. It's not unheard of, but some repositioning cruises, will include airfare in the overall price to further entice travelers.

Another thing to consider when contemplating a repositioning, cruise is the fact that with less port activities and extended time aboard your chosen ship, you will possibly be spending more money onboard the ship for beverages or at the casinos. That is honestly where cruise lines make their money up when offering the rock-bottom pricing for repositioning cruises. Depending on your traveling style and speed this may or may not be an issue. If the repositioning cruise price is low enough that will free up some extra cash for onboard purchases, and since you will not be stopping at a port a day, your onshore excursions spending will be less as well.

If planned properly, a repositioning cruise, can be an excellent way to see the world at a great price and without all the crowds that typically accompany regular in-season cruising.