Windjammer Cruises

Barefoot style voyages aboard classic and modern tall ships.


Why choose a Windjammer cruise?
Want to ditch the over-sized mega ship itineraries that dock at crowded ports of call for a sea voyage that is determined by the tides and winds of the ocean? If so, then Windjammer cruises, are just what the doctor ordered. Windjammer cruises offer small ship cruises on historic tall ships that offer a more intimate trip without all the hoopla and glitz of big ship cruises but with just as much luxury, refinery and pampering.

Windjammer cruises are unique in that they allow cruise travelers to interact with their overall cruising experience. Passengers aboard Windjammer cruises opt for the simplicity of a freshly cooked meal under a starry night sky and brilliantly quiet cups of coffee while enjoying breathtaking sunrises in lieu of big scale Broadway Shows, crowded pool areas and sub-par buffets. Windjammer cruises will take your breath away and ignite your soul with amazing adventures that most people dream about.

 Where to find a Windjammer cruise?

Some of the more popular Windjammer cruise lines are Wind Star Cruise Lines, Star Clippers and Island Windjammers.

  • Wind Star - Offering larger tall ship cruises for up to 313 passengers sailing to Arabia, Asia, Caribbean, Greek Isles, Turkey, Black Sea, Italy, Mediterranean, Northern Europe, Ocean Crossings, Panama Canal, Tahiti and also features Themed Cruises.
  • Star Clippers - Smaller capacity voyages (170-227 passengers) on four and five mast clipper ships sailing to Africa, Canary Islands, Caribbean, Greek Islands, Mediterranean, Panama Canal, South America and Transatlantic.
  • Island Windjammers - Intimate voyages upon small schooner ships that accommodate 12 - 22 guests sailing to Leeward Islands, Windward Islands, French West Indies and the US & British Virgin Islands.

Depending on the size of the tall ship, Windjammer cruises, can be extremely intimate on a 12 passenger vessel or a little more social with no more than 200 passengers max.

Windjammer Cruises - Casual off-the-beaten-path adventures

Windjammer cruises literally use wind flowing through your hair to direct their sails to destinations that are more intimate and exotic. The smaller the clipper ship the more opportunities arise for docking at ports that are not seen by the normal traveler. Even the larger tall ships that accommodate more guests can still get into most of the less traveled ports giving cruisers spectacular opportunities to discover the hidden gems of the seven seas.

Windjammer cruises allow the traveler to actually connect with their vacation getaway by getting to know the staff and crew. Imagine being able to walk into the helm and enjoying an interactive conversation with the captain or how about assisting the crew with raising the sails that catch the wind to help direct and guide your vessel to it's next location.

When aboard a Windammer, read a book top-side and enjoy the crystal clear blue waters and the passing tropical scenery of pristine secluded islands in the Caribbean. Snorkel, kayak and swim directly off the ship on a special marina platform for a unique water adventure. Spend the day on the beach or use the ships Zodiac to explore the coastline. Windjammer cruises invite you to unwind and free your mind among sultry locations that will capture your heart. Awaken your soul and become part of the cruising experience by making your next vacation a Windjammer Cruise.