Theme Cruises

Combine a few of your favorite things on a theme cruise!


Whatever floats your boat!

Do you have a passion, hobby or interest and also a desire to cruise the open seas enjoying both at the same time? Well, your in luck because theme cruises are popping up all over the place that cater to a wide variety of different interests like music, golfing, sports and quilting to name a few. There is practically no end to the variety of theme cruises that are currently available on the market and with the interest in specialty theme cruise gaining steady momentum there will probably be a theme cruise for everything under the sun!

Theme cruises, in general, are popular because you can choose a cruise based on a specific theme itself and be surrounded by like-minded people with the same interests and tastes. From motor cycle enthusiasts to chocolate lovers to music-crazed fans theme cruises completely cater to an overall theme giving travelers a place to meet new people with the same hobbies or interests while enjoying the spoils of cruising all in one!

Practically all cruise lines offer some form of theme cruise, including some river cruise lines, that the cruise line creates itself or through specialty agencies that contract with the cruise ships to offer theme cruises. So depending on the theme cruise that puts wind in your sails, you'll either be on a full ship of enthusiasts; or you'll be cruising among non-enthusiasts in a small to large group of enthusiasts that the cruise lines have made special itinerary arrangements for in the way of excursions, entertainment and activities that other passengers don't have access too.

To find theme cruises you can employ a travel agent to track down the right theme cruise for you based on your interests; go to the cruise line websites directly and look at the itineraries they offer for specialty themed cruises; or check out specific websites that specialize in listing all sorts of theme cruises like Theme Cruise Finder or Vacations To Go.

First time cruisers as well as the seasoned cruise traveler greatly benefit from choosing to book a theme cruise. The ship-wide camaraderie alone can make for a very pleasant cruise vacation and forge friendships that last a lifetime. Also, booking a theme cruise, can serve as a knowledgeable learning experience as well since most ship activities and shore excursions are geared primarily toward the chosen theme cruise topic.

The only real drawbacks of a theme cruise can be the price and availability. Sometimes theme cruises tend to be more expensive than regular cruises without a theme to help offset the cost of hosting special guests, speakers, music groups, master chefs, celebrities and the like. Most people don't mind paying the extra dollars because of the perks of booking a theme cruise where you may come in contact with some of your favorite athletes, celebrities, bands and influential personalities with rare photo opportunities and chance encounters that would never happen in any other environment. The other downside is acting quickly enough to secure your spot on your chosen theme cruise. Music themed cruises like the 311 cruise, Kid Rock cruise and many other music festivals at sea tend to sell out particularly fast so you have to get an early jump on booking.

Some of the more popular forms of theme cruises are:

Music Cruises: Just about everybody on the planet loves music in some form whether it's Rock-N-Roll, Country, Jazz, Blues or Pop, etc. Combining the open seas with a specialized music cruise is just what the doctor ordered for audiophiles that want to imbibe on fruity drinks, soak up the tropical sun and listen to their favorite band or performers during live concerts on the Lido deck or onshore for a private island concert. Just imagine schmoozing with your favorite bands and musicians while basking in the leisure of cruising. Some popular cruise lines offer music cruises are the Norwegian Cruise Line and Carnival Cruise Line among others.

Lifestyle Cruises: Imagine cruising with a group of like-minded people that ascribe to your own specific lifestyle for an entertaining theme cruise vacation where blending your lifestyle with fresh ocean air, lounging next to a pool or enjoying lifestyle specific activities goes hand in hand. Gay and Lesbian Cruises are gaining in popularity among the LGBT community where homosexual couples and singles can mingle exclusively with other gay and lesbian travelers on chartered trips all over the world. Or for those who like to don a little less clothing, there are actually theme cruises especially for nudists, where clothing is optional but make sure to pack extra sunscreen!

Food and Drink Cruises: The foodies of the world that enjoy fine cuisine paired with a love of wine, beer or spirits can embark upon lively sea adventures hosted by celebrity chefs from The Food Network or the Cooking Channel. On a food and drink theme cruise you'll find yourself mingling with foodie celebrities, attending cooking demonstrations, enjoying rare photo opportunities and interactions with world renowned chefs and stars, special menu items and shore excursions to farms, markets and restaurants that accentuate your chosen theme cruise. Besides food and wine cruises there are special Beer Cruises where you can sample crafts beers and learn about home brewing while cruising. Silversea Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Windstar Cruises, Viking River Cruises and Crystal Cruises offer some exquisite food and wine theme cruises.

Fitness/Health/Wellness Cruises: Overindulgence while cruising is almost inevitable for most but if travelers want to get in a cruise while still focusing on their health, wellness or fitness regimens...not to worry, there are many theme cruises for those who want to stay fit, focused and feeling good on their cruise vacation. Health and wellness themed cruises incorporate specific activities like yoga, running, holistic health, etc. that intermingle with the relaxing nature of a cruise. Another great theme cruise option in this category is health-improvement theme cruises that focus on improving a person's well-being and bringing families together for travelers that suffer from specific ailments that can make normal travel a hardship through Cruises for Diabetes or Dialysis at Sea Cruises; or Sober Cruises that merge 12-step meetings with non-alcohol related activities for those on the road to recovery in a relaxing atmosphere free from temptation.

Celebrity Cruises: This type of theme cruise has you hobnobbing with old-school actors, retired and admired baseball players, past and present reality TV stars from popular network shows and much more. Celebrity theme cruises can also feature prominent public figures like journalists, historians, writers, photographers and the like who may host a series of lectures while cruising. Holland America Cruise Line currently features a Dancing with the Stars cruise where professional dancers from the show conduct interactive dancing classes and lessons; while MSC Cruises' hosts a Baseball Greats Cruise chock full of well respected and remembered baseball legends.

Hobby Cruises: Think of any hobby and there is probably a theme cruise out there that exists just waiting for travelers to join in the fun and indulging in their favorite hobby while getting in a relaxing vacation at sea as well. How about a Ballroom Dancing Cruise, Crystal Cruises has you covered. Or maybe cruising with Paul Gauguin Cruises where you can a Sail and Dive Cruise with the legendary Jean-Michel Cousteau. Poker players can find poker themed cruises like the WPT Cruise or Casinos at Sea where passenger can compete in exclusive tournaments for cash and prizes. And for those that have an interest in crafts like knitting, crocheting and needlepoint consider looking into Craft Cruises.

Ultimately embarking on any theme cruise will indubitably be an experience akin to enjoying a little slice of heaven where you can have your cake and eat it too!