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Calling All Ladies....Lesbian Ladies That Is!

In our day and age, equality for same sex unions and affiliations, are becoming less and less taboo with growing amounts of society standing behind their homosexual brothers and sisters plight to be treated and viewed as normal everyday human beings and experience the same freedoms as their heterosexual brethren.

And though there has been much progress made over the decades, sadly there is still a layer of closed-mindedness that blankets the globe, causing normal everyday people of the LGBT community to feel as though they have to hide, repress or play down their affections for their significant others or their lifestyle to avoid judgement, the evil eye, negativity, adverse treatment or in some cases loss...of friendships, jobs or respect of their peers and family.

Out of the ignorance that still permeates our society, the LGBT community and it's supporters, have had to set up and put into motion many support groups, meetings, mixers, websites, special interest groups, and the like, to seek out, gather with and find like-minded souls around the globe with whom to build friendships, share information and express themselves freely without fear of condemnation or possible violent repercussions.

That is where Olivia, originally a independent women's record label, comes in by offering lesbians a safe haven to vacation in where they can truly "feel free" to be themselves on all-women, all-lesbian luxury cruise vacations around the globe. Olivia was founded in 1973 and originally served as an all-female record label called Olivia Records. In 1990 the company shifted in a different direction and entered in the travel industry, with a focus on providing specialty cruises and resort vacation opportunities, to the lesbian community which include bookings on all-female lesbian cruises for couples and singles and more.

This venture has proven wildly successful as Olivia has provided quality all-women, all-lesbian cruise, resort, adventure and riverboat vacations to over 200,000 lesbian women all of the world. An Olivia Cruise brings women together where they are completely free to be themselves among the company of other lesbian women and truly enjoy complete acceptance and camaraderie without having to hide their affections, opinions or sexuality as they might chose to do too fit in on a regular mega-ship cruise full of heterosexual couples, families or senior citizens.

Why choose an Olivia Cruise?

Olivia cruises are empowering and enlightening allowing lesbian women to truly unwind, relax and bond in safe environments around the globe on chartered ships where every lady on board has the same common denominator...their sexual orientation. On an Olivia Cruise couples are free to express their love for one another walking hand-in-hand on a romantic sunset stroll along the white sandy beaches while in port on an island paradise Caribbean cruise; steal a kiss underneath beautifully starry nights while enjoying a beverage poolside on the deck of a beautifully appointed and judgment-free cruise ship; or if flying solo, enjoy group outings and onboard mixers, to get to know other single lesbian ladies and forge lifetime friendships or maybe even cultivate a relationship that goes beyond your Olivia Cruise.

Besides the initial draw of cruising exclusively in the company of other lesbians, Olivia Cruises, offers the best in lesbian entertainment and has featured many well-known lesbian activists, athletes, musicians and comediennes like Melissa Etheridge, the Indigo Girls, Wanda Sykes, Lily Tomlin, Whoopi Goldberg, Billie Jean King, Martina Navratilova, Dr. Maya Angelou, Edie Windosor and Suze Orman to name a few. Every Olivia Cruise features special guests and a full line-up of signature entertainers that hold relevance in the lesbian community. For instance, Olivia Newton-John will be performing an in-port concert, before the Feb. 2015 Australia to New Zealand Olivia Cruise aboard ms Oosterdam which is operated by the Holland American Cruise Line.

Any which way you look at it ladies...you can choose to cruise with the status quo and more than likely enjoy your cruise vacation, just as much as you would an Olivia Cruise, without any issues. Or you can choose to spend your cruise vacation exclusively amongst other beautiful and empowering lesbian singles, couples and friends aboard a chartered Olivia Cruise and join in an experience of acceptance, adventure and fun. The beauty of the situation is, when planning a cruise vacation, the lesbian community has the opportunity and the resources to choose either cruising experience for a memorable time at sea.

For more information on upcoming Olivia Cruises, or other Olivia vacation offerings, please visit their website at www.olivia.com.