LGBT-Welcoming Caribbean Islands

Fun in the sun in a safe and gay-friendly environment


Why choose the Caribbean Islands when searching for a LGBT-friendly cruise destination?

When it comes time to choose your cruise there are many destinations around the globe that are available to the cruising community, whether gay or straight, but unfortunately some locations are less welcoming to the LGBT population than others. And while on average gay and lesbian travelers hardly ever endure any direct physical harm or outright discrimination, because of their sexual orientation, the risk is there is countries that are less tolerant of the LGBT community.

With that in mind, it's better to err on the side of caution, when planning the perfect cruise vacation for you and your partner. Who wants to spend their hard earned money for a dream cruise vacation to a location where you are treated poorly, or gawked at, while trying to enjoy a well-deserved getaway? So researching for gay-friendly cruise destinations is something to objectively consider.

The Caribbean Islands are a very popular cruise destination for just about everyone who wants to enjoy tropical nights, white sand beaches, clear blue waters and laid-back island life. And while there are hundreds of islands located in the Caribbean some are more accepting of the LGBT community than others. Fears and tensions are fading because the local islanders are beginning to understand and accept that clients of the LGBT community are not so different from any heterosexual person or couple. And with the increasing acceptance the Caribbean Islands are becoming more of a mecca for one and all offering a safe, beautiful and enjoyable haven for cruise vacations or island destination vacations.

The Most LGBT-Friendly Caribbean Islands.

LGBT tourists will find the following list of Caribbean Islands the most welcoming in the region. But on the whole, the entire area, is slowly becoming more accepting of LGBT culture (in line with the rest of the modern world) with a few locations standing about above the rest.

Puerto Rico: Typically considered one of the most gay-friendly spots in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, offers some of the best of all worlds. With some sections more friendly than others the LGBT community your really can't go wrong Puerto Rico. From lush rain forests to plush resorts to an energetic night life with thumping clubs galore San Juan, Puerto Rico does not disappoint.

Curacao: When it comes to a gay-friendly Caribbean Island Curacao is at the fore-front. With a severely European influence, Curacao, has established itself as open and friendly in nature to the LGBT community and even hosts a Gay Pride Week and the South Caribbean Pride Week. This alone puts Curacao as a must visit destination along with the unique architecture, wide ranging adventure opportunities, over 60 dive sites (for spectacular aquatic adventures) and warm weather year-round.

St. Barth: This small French-Caribbean island is very accepting of LGBT clients most because of the very accept French influence on the island. St. Barth has a very rich  plethora of food, culture and art that appeals to many LGBT travelers. And for travelers that prefer a land-based vacation over a cruise vacation, St. Barth is home to many high-end secluded villas providing a very safe and intimate Caribbean vacation.

St. Maarteen/St. Martin: Both the French and Dutch sides of this delightful Caribbean island are pretty welcoming and gay-friendly. This island is a great fit for travelers looking for some fun in the sun. St. Maarteen and St. Martin also conduct symbolic wedding ceremonies and vow renewals, even though actual same-sex marriage is not legal on either island.

Saba: Want to visit a little known Caribbean gem that is quickly surpassing Curacao as the most gay-friendly Caribbean Island destination before it becomes mainstream? This impressive Dutch islands is set within a cluster of other islands that make this LGBT-friendly Caribbean destination a perfect choice for those who want to island hop and enjoy adventure and nature over casinos and night clubs.

The U.S. Virgin Islands: Being these the U.S. Virgin Islands are actually a U.S. territory you'll find that all three islands are very Americanized and very accepting of gay and lesbian travelers. St. Croix tops the island as being the most gay-friendly, but both St. Thomas and St. John, are just as accommodating. Here you'll find white sand beaches, magnificent reefs and historic towns where you and yours can relax and explore safely in a tropical paradise.

Aruba: This fun Caribbean island is another Dutch island that prides itself on having a long history full of diversity. Aruba has a very visible LGBT-friendly hotel and restaurant scene for gay and lesbian travelers looking for a tropical vacation with nightlife and club options that offer drag queen shows and other fun LGBT-oriented events.