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Gay and Lesbian cruises

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Whether you want to take a transatlantic cruise aboard Cunard's Queen Mary 2; a Hawaiian Island cruise on Norwegian Cruise Line's Pride of America; or on a fun and exciting trip to the some of the increasingly LGBT-friendly Caribbean Islands, there are a variety of cruises available for gay and lesbian singles and couples that are looking to travel aboard on cruise lines or in private groups that cater to the community.

Gay travelers can choose from a variety of different traveling options, depending on your wants and needs, that include: Traveling with the status quo on any cruise line; taking a big ship cruise (or little ship cruise) that offers a gay-friendly itinerary that hosts mixers, meet-and-greets, shore excursions, etc; or ditching the heterosexual crowd altogether by traveling exclusively with gay passengers only on chartered all-gay cruises.

Gay singles and couples like to travel just as much as the heterosexual population does. And though much of the world has become very tolerant and accepts the gay community with open arms, there are still travelers and countries alike, that are very close-minded about gay relationships. Sadly this intolerance can turn a regular vacation into a living nightmare, or at the least, an unpleasant experience filled with hostility, judgment, harassment or gawking. On the upside though, most gay and lesbian couples, singles or groups never have an issue and blend in, without a hitch, and actually end up making fast friends with their straight cruise mates.

Cruising is meant to be a luxurious and exciting foray into adventure, cuisine, culture and relaxation. Gay and lesbian travelers usually have no problems cruising to all sorts of exotic locales on mainstream cruise lines that may or may not offer gay-friendly itineraries and have a wonderful experience. As with everyone else, when planning a cruise, research needs to be done to determine your destination, cruise line and ship and date of sail. Unfortunately, there are some destinations and areas of the world where a person's sexual orientation can make them a target, so getting information about gay-friendly destinations or cruises can assure that your traveling experience will be memorable for all the right reasons.

There has been incidents where gay cruise travelers have met with hostility and violence at less-than-gay-friendly ports, as well as different treatment on board from fellow travelers and sometimes staff, that prompts some specific cruise lines like Crystal, Regent Seven Seas, Celebrity, Holland America, Norwegian, Cunard, Seabourn, Royal Caribbean, Azamara, Windstar and Princess to offer more gay-friendly big ship cruises to popular ports of call, that are more tolerant of the LGBT lifestyle, securing a much safer journey for their passengers. These cruise lines also try to incorporate an itinerary schedule (typically referred to as F.O.D. or Friends of Dorothy) that hosts group meetings, parties, shore excursions and more that are geared toward their gay patrons. 

On a side note, some of the above cruise lines, also offer completely all-gay charters and cruises at specific times in the year. If you are looking for big ship pampering and luxury in an all-gay traveling environment, please check with your respective cruise lines and inquire about their all-gay cruise and charter offerings.

There are, however, four top-of-the-line gay and lesbian cruise tour companies that cater specifically to the LGBT community, such as RSVP Vacations and Atlantis which appeals to gay male cruise couples and singles; specifically chartered Olivia Cruises designed for the lesbian cruise couples and singles traveling abroad; and R Family Vacations for traveling gay and lesbian families bringing cruisers to the wondrous Galapagos Islands, the warm tropical Caribbean and the Mediterranean with unique, one-of-a-kind high-seas adventures for gay men and lesbians who love the seeing new ports each day, participating in a variety of activities and thriving in a social, safe and accepting vacation environment.

So whether your cruising dreams include setting sail amongst the company of all the other traveling Joe's and Jane's from around the world; or you'd rather share your cruise experience with passengers in search of more intimate, low-key and gay exclusive voyage there are vacation packages out there that will suit your lifestyle and your budget. From small ship cruises aboard RSVP Vacations, Travelpride, or Celebrity's Romance Voyages to extravagant big ship cruising the gay and lesbian cruisers of the world have so many safe traveling options available these days and can travel with pride aboard major cruise ships or in the exclusive company of an all gay community. The open seas await you your vacation getaway today!