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Specialty Cruises

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What is a specialty cruise? Simply put, it's a cruise that is geared towards or more friendly for specific travelers. With all the options for booking cruise vacations, it's easy to drown in the multitude of choices available, so if you have a specific type of cruise you are looking for it's much easier to direct your search with keywords that will help you find exactly what you are looking for much quicker.

A specialty cruise can be something as simple as a friendly family cruise that has a very kid oriented itinerary or something more unique in the way of a River cruise down the Nile or a Steamboat River cruise down the Mississippi. Specialty cruises also can consist of small boat charters to exotic ports of call that big ships don't have access too. Another specialty cruise might be for specific groups that prefer a more selective and exclusive sailing experience with their peers, for example, strictly gay cruises or 55+ cruises (senior cruises).

Specialty Cruises

For your cruising pleasure we have compiled the following specialty cruise options that are available throughout the cruise ship industry. Cruise finders will continually be developing this page as we learn of more specialty cruises that are exciting, fun and affordable. Set a course for adventure...and find your specialty cruise today.

River Cruises: Sail inland for adventures!

River cruising takes travelers to the heart of some of the most majestic and historic cities in the world. Taking a river cruise allows a more up-close and personal journey upon centuries old river routes that were once the original highways of the world. Why take an ocean cruise that only docks at the shores of your chosen destinations when you can take a river cruise and go farther into the culture and history of a several cities? [Explore River Cruises]

Family Cruises: Quality time and memories!

Searching for an awesome family vacation getaway...consider taking a family cruise. Family cruises provide a completely interactive opportunity for the whole family to make memories through on board and on shore adventures. Most cruise ships offer extensive kids programs that are geared toward specific age groups, with some ships even offer child care services, so that Mom and Dad and duck out for an evening of fun. [Plan a family cruise today.]

Gay Cruises: Sailing with pride!

Travelers from the gay community have many cruising options available on big and large ships alike, with some cruise lines offering specialized itineraries, that are more gay friendly than others by having meet-and-greets for gay singles or particular shore group excursions and more. There are also options for a strictly gay cruises, where you can travel to your destination of choice, exclusively with other members of the LGBT community.  [Gay and Lesbian Cruises]

Windjammer Cruises: Intimate voyages on masted Tall-Ships.

Looking for an intimate cruise that takes travelers to more off-the-beaten-path ports of call on masted ships and boats that truly let the wind take you from destination to destination. Explore exotic destinations that big ships can't get you too because of their size while relaxing on small to medium ships in a more casual environment without all the crowds aboard classic restored Clipper ships and modernized Tall ships. Become part of the cruise experience and set sail for incredible adventures. [Read more...Windjammer Cruises]

Repositioning Cruises: One way sea voyage adventures.

More popularly known as Transatlantic cruises or World Cruises a repositioning cruise takes you from one destination to another at sometimes deeply discounted rates. Sail from the West Coast to the East Coast through the Panama Canal; voyage from Europe to the Americas or go on a West Pacific island adventure and disembark in Australia...these are all examples of repositioning cruises that cruise lines offer when their ships seasonally change home ports. [Read more...Repositioning Cruises]

Olivia Cruises: Calling all ladies....

The Olivia Lesbian Travel company offers intimate and exclusively all-lesbian cruises to desinations all around the globe. Olivia Cruises are specifically chartered voyages, on well-known cruise lines, geared toward lesbian couples and singles that want to travel exclusively with women who share in their specific sexual orientation. With special itineraries that include meet and greets for singles, onboard ceremonies to commitment or Sisters at Sea shore excursions an Olivia Cruise is an exceptional opportunity for lesbian ladies to "feel free" on a sea voyage [ Read more...Olivia Cruises ]