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Paris to the Normandy Coast


Seine River Cruises - Discover the beauty of France.

The Seine River is the second longest river in France. It rises in the Burgandy region known for exceptional wine-making and meanders gently along the French countryside which eventually enters into the English Channel. Some of the more popular river cruise companies that offer river cruises in this area are Viking River Cruise Lines, Amawaterways River Cruise Lines and the Avalon River Cruise Lines. A Seine River cruise is romantic, magical and enlightening with many historical cities along it's banks.

Seine River cruises begin in Paris, the "City of Light", with most voyages having the option of a pre-cruise or post-cruise stay in the city to allow plenty of time to explore the whimsical sights and sounds of this well known city of romance. Prior to your Seine River cruise, consider making your Paris land excursion authentic with a cabaret show or enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner at a quaint Parisian cafe. Other great points of interest while ashore in Paris are the Louvre Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Eiffel Tower.

While floating gently down the Seine on your river cruise, you will discover many charming towns some of which were home to some famous artists like Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet (Giverny) which served as the backdrop to many famous paintings. A ship excursion to Rouen takes you back in time through the 14th and 16th century with the storybook buildings that include the courthouse where Joan of Arc was sentenced to death and Market Square where she was subsequently martyred or the famous Gros Horloge which is a medieval astronomical clock.

One of the more poignant areas that is visited on a Seine River cruise is the Normandy Beaches. This historic region has many memorials, museums and cemeteries that chronicle and pay honor to the fallen heroes that fought for our country during WWII. Visit the various American, British and Canadian sections for a well-rounded history lesson on the actual grounds where it all happened.

Cruising through Les Andelys along the Seine, brings you to some scenic strolls along the river with spectacular views of the dramatic white cliffs of the Seine Valley as well as centuries old houses and the ruins of Chateau Gaillard, the former hilltop stronghold of Richard the Lionheart that has changed hands a multitude of times during the Hundred Years' War. Enjoy an "Artists' Walk" in Conflans where you will see the former home of Vincent van Gogh and the actual room where he died. Another great excursion on a Seine River cruise is a visit to Chateau Malaison which is the former home of the famous emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

A Seine River cruise is rich with the art, beauty and romanticism that are associated with Paris. A Seine River cruise offers everyone a chance to fall in love with Paris and it's surrounding towns as well as reveling in the cities that were used as backdrops and inspiration for some of the world's greatest artists that still delight today.


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