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European River Cruises - Explore the grand cities and sights of Europe.

European River Cruises enable travelers to see and experience some of Europe's great capitals like Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam, Budapest, Moscow, Belgrade and Bucharest as well as the small little medieval villages and fasting towns along the banks of some of the most historic and scenic riverways.  Viking River Cruise Lines, Amawaterways River Cruise Lines and the Avalon River Cruise Lines are three of the leading European River Cruise companies that offer interesting itineraries that are very port driven and intensive for once-in-a-lifetime journey through Europe's interior waterways.

European River Cruise itineraries primarily last a week in duration , with some European River Cruise itineraries running longer, with most having all-inclusive fares that include complimentary beverages at lunch and dinner, onboard enrichment classes and shore excursions in every port along the way making a European River Cruise very valuable as well as interesting. A European River Cruise allows you to unpack and see many cities without any hotel hopping giving way to a very memorable trip that will be worth the money on so many different levels.

But before you can enjoy a European River Cruise you'll first need to figure out which river and cities you'd like to visit. The Danube River, Main River and Rhine River (or portions thereof) take travelers across Europe between the Black Sea and the North Sea. In France you have the Seine River or the Rhone and Saone Rivers. Germany is home to the Moselle River and Elbe River. Enjoy a wine-themed cruise upon Portugal's Douro River which travels through the heart of Port wine country. For a European River Cruise in Italy you have the Po River to enjoy and cruises on the Vistula or Oder Rivers take you through Poland.

The European River Cruise season runs from mid-April to October on the following rivers:

RHINE RIVER: History, culture and spectacular scenery is what this European River Cruise has in store. The Rhine River flows from Switzerland to Amsterdam in Holland and passes through towns and cities in Germany and France full of rich history and culture. And the scenery delights with miles of the river that are peppered with medieval castles, spires, Romanesque churches and riverside vineyards.

DANUBE RIVER: For a lesson in history about the days Vienna ruled an empire with the Iron Curtain dividing Europe. The Danube River flows from the Black Sea in Romania to the Black Forest in Germany with stops in Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria along the way. Considered one of the world's most romantic waterways this European River Cruise will is great for art, poetry and music lovers.

DOURO RIVER: This European River Cruise takes travelers through the beautiful wine-growing region of Portugal sailing past vineyards, rolling terrain and old farmhouses. A Douro river cruise will afford travelers the opportunity to sip on the sweet port wine and learn how it's made. Explore old monasteries, stroll the gardens of Mateus Palace and visit one of the world's oldest universities.

DNIEPER RIVER: For an experience where you can immerse yourself in the fascinating history and culture of the Ukraine this European River Cruise will take you tween Kiev, the capital city, and Odessa, a large seaport town on the Black Sea. where you will witness impressively historic sights like the Monastery of Caves, St. Sophia's Cathedral, Baroque opera houses, and much, much more.

ELBE RIVER: Travel through Germany and the Czech Republic on picturesque routes full of soaring cliffs, storybook castles and medieval towns. This European River Cruise brings travelers through the dramatic landscape and beauty of what was formerly known as East Germany with many interesting stops along the way once of which includes a demonstration on how the famous Meissenware porcelain is produced.

MAIN RIVER: This peaceful river winds through the heart of Germany passing forests and vineyards as well as medieval towns and cosmopolitan cities. The Main is actually a tributary of the Rhine river and connects the Rhine and Danube together. Many European River Cruise itineraries on the Main will include sailing on the Rhine and Danube also.

MOSEL RIVER: Coursing through the peaceful countryside of France, Luxembourg and Germany this European River Cruise will sail travelers past enchanting cities, grand castles, picture-perfect medieval villages and lush vineyards. Learn about the Riesling wines that are produced in this region and enjoy exploring half-timbered homes.

PO RIVER: Travel through the fertile Po Valley located in northern Itality which is home to nearly a third of the country's population. Winding through charming towns and breathtaking scenery a Po River European River Cruise takes you to Venice, one of hte world's most romantic cities, for a gondola ride throught he cities canals. Visit the universtiy where Galileo taught and visit the famed balcony in Verona from which Shakespeare's Juliet listened to the love-struck pledges of Romeo.

RHONE RIVER: This European River Cruise explores the Provence region in southern France where you can sample celebrate wines from the twin cities of Tournon and Tain L'Hermitage which face each other across the river. Rhone river sailings are usually paired with Saone River cruises that also take travelers to the Burgundy region of France as well. Visit 2,000-year-old Lyon, France's epicurean center, explore ancient Roman ruins and discover the beauty of Arles with sweeping vistas that inspired some of Vincent Van Gogh's paintings.

SAONE RIVER: Usually paired with the aforementioned Rhone River this European River Cruise takes you through the delightful Burgundy region of France. Enjoy visiting 10th Century Abbey of St. Philibert, the Burgundian Museum which features traditional furniture, costumes and vineyard tolls pulled from the rural home in the region. Sample wine in Beaune, visiting Roman ruins and basking in the cuisine of Lyon.

SEINE RIVER: Traveling between Paris and the Normandy coast a European River Cruise along the Seine River will have travelers discovering the history and romance of northwest France. See the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame in Paris. Stop in Giverny for a tour of the gardens and home of Claude Money. Rouen is home to the market square with Joan of Arc was martyred. And round out this journey in Normandy where you can visit the actual D-Day landing sites and tour the American Cemetery which is the burial site of the U.S. soldiers killed in battle during World War II.

VOLGA RIVER: Want to see the spectacular Russian cities of St. Petersburg and Moscow then look no further than a Volga European river Cruise. There are many treasures to see in Russia's capital city that include St. Isaac's Cathedral, Hermitage museum, Nevsky Prospkt and the Peter and Paul Fortress. Moscow has St. Basil's Cathedral with it's candy-colored onion domes, Red Square, and the crown jewels. Most Volga River Cruises also include a visit to Kizhi Island where there is a collection of unique wooden structures that were constructed without the use of a single nail.


Once you've decided on the region you'd like to visit on your European River Cruise you can mark your calendar and start preparing for your journey that is sure to excite, amaze and tantalize all five senses with an adventure that will not soon be forgotten and spur a love affair with river cruising that will have you booking several European River Cruise to visit all the wonderful waterways of the region.


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