Amazon River Cruises | World's Largest River

Explore South America on an Amazon River Cruise.


Amazon River Cruises - Expeditions to the heart of the Jungle.

Amazon river cruises have finally started being added people's river cruising bucket lists because of the diverse natural wonders that are encountered while sailing across the world's largest river by volume. An Amazon River Cruise winds through dense jungles and biologically diverse tropical rainforests along the riverbanks Brazil and Peru, exploring the mysteries of the region, aboard luxuriously appointed custom-built small river ships.

What you'll find on an Amazon River Cruise is pure adventure with an amazing scenery full of nature's creatures and creations. Along the banks of an Amazon River Cruise you might spy squirrel monkeys, sloths, macaws or jaguars while sailing over schools of piranhas, slithering anacondas or river-bound electric eels. Another incredible sight you may encounter on an Amazon River Cruise is a pink dolphin...yes, that's right, a pink dolphin!

In addition to all this there are still many indigenous tribes living along the banks of an Amazon River Cruise that you'll have an opportunity to visit. Many Amazon River Cruises also allow their guests to utilize canoes and small skiffs to explore the more remote waterways on the region. Or your Amazon River Cruise may include spending some time surfing or sunbath on one of the regions beautiful beaches.

Amazon river cruises are unique in the fact that a portion of the river is very wide an deep allowing for ocean cruise ship access to the river on voyages that are venturing to other parts of South America, Antarctica and the Caribbean. So essentially you can enjoy an Amazon River Cruise whether you decide to book a cruise on a large ship going to other destinations or enjoying a full river cruise on a small ship exploring all the nooks and crannies along the Amazon itself and it's many tributaries.

Another nice feature of an Amazon River Cruise is the fact that most fares include complimentary beverages, gratuities, shore excursions, daily history enrichment lectures, open seating for all meals and remarkable service from an English-speaking crew all wrapped up in an intimate cruise experience. One such popular cruise line that operatessmall ship Amazon River Cruises is Avalon Waterways. For ocean cruises that include a short trek of the lower Amazon River look to Holland America, P&O, Seabourn or Oceania to name a few.

An Amazon River Cruise is a melting pot of sights and sounds where you'll find yourself cruising along inky waters that are surrounding by a lush green jungle with colorful birds soaring over your head. One thing is for Amazon River Cruise will definitely employ all your senses and leave you with beautiful memories and pictures to share with your friends and family for the rest of your life.