River Cruise Destinations

Where in the world do you want to go?


Finding your perfect river cruise destination.

River and canal cruising is very popular the world round. Currently most people start with a European River Cruise since there are so many intriguing and historical cities to visit like Vienna, Budapest, Paris and more. And while European River Cruises along the Rhine or Danube tend to be very popular with first-time river cruises there are many other rivers to explore in Asia, Russia, South America as well as in the U.S. and Canada.

Choosing a river cruise destination can just as daunting as planning an ocean cruise but ultimately it comes down to where on Earth you'd like to explore and gain a better understanding of the culture, history or cuisine. A typical river cruise lasts about seven days, though some can run up to two weeks plus, with short bouts of river cruising between ports. Keep in mind that river cruises are port intensive so try and choose a river cruise destination that is inline with your physical abilities as there may be lots of walking and touring involved on port days.

River Cruise Destination: Europe

Europe is a great place for anybody interested in river cruising to get their feet wet. Most European River cruises take place on the Rhine River (traveling through Germany, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland and more) or the Danube River which traverses through Germany. The Main Canal, built in the 1990's, connects both rivers allowing travelers access to a great abundance of delightful cities, quaint villages and small towns.

Some other popular rivers of the region include France's Seine River, the Rhone River and the Saone River offering great experiences from Paris to Normandy and from Lyon to Arles through some of the most notable French wine country.

Other connecting European rivers that can be traversed are the Elbe and Moselle rivers, as well as, Italy's Po River and the Douro River in Portugal.

And for those seeking to experience Russia, a Volga River cruise, typically voyages from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

River Cruise Destination: South America

South America is home to the exotic Amazon River where you'll encounter an enchanting world of lush forests, serene waterways and a variety of animal life including pink river dolphins, monkeys and hundreds of different species of birds. Cruising the Amazon River can entail wildlife outings, visits to local villages or even piranha fishing!

River Cruise Destination: Asia

The Yangtze River is a very appealing river cruise for both travelers and operators alike. Since the Yangtze River doesn't have any limitations, like the low bridges you'll find on European River cruises, the river boat operators are able to add more traditional cruise amenities like internet cafes, cabins with balconies and more.

Another up-and-coming popular river cruise destination is along the Mekong River, which travels through Cambodia and Vietnam, passing rural villages, floating markets and exotic temples. 

Another captivating river cruise in Asia is along the Irrawaddy River which is bustling with river activity bringing a tapestry of exotic flavors and must-see sights each day for an incredible adventure in The Golden Land of Myanmar (Burma.)

River Cruise Destination: Egypt

There is absolutely no easier way for travelers to explore the famous temples and tombs of Egypt than to book a Nile River cruise. From Luxor to Aswan tourists will experience the wonders of Karnak, Edfu, the Valley of the Queens and the Valley of the Kings and much more both onshore and on the banks of the Nile.

River Cruise Destination: U.S. & Canada

For those who don't fancy a long plane ride out of the country there are plenty of rivers to explore in their own backyard.  Currently the most popular U.S. river cruise is along the Mississippi River on authentically refurbished steamboats that have all the modern amenities as well.

Some other popular U.S. and Canadian river cruises take place along the Columbia River, the Hudson River, the St. Lawrence River and Chesapeake Bay.

River Cruise Destination: Africa

Explore the riverbanks of the Chobe River, in Africa, aboard the Zambezi Queen (operated by AmaWaterways) for a magnificent safari river cruise experience. This incredible region is home to some of hte most ferocious and magnificent animal sightings and breathtakingly clear skies with views of the constellations of the southern hemisphere.