River Cruises

Get to the heart of your destination with a river cruise.


Why choose a river cruise?

For some of those fortunate enough to sail the ocean seas and visit the shores some exotic lands, but wanted a little bit more, River cruises offer the opportunity to get up close and personal with your preferred destinations.

River cruises have quickly become the new trend for cruising the waterways of Europe, Asia, South America, North America. and more., The Viking Cruise Line, AmaWaterways River Cruise Line and Avalon River Cruise Line are at the forefront of this thriving industry

River cruising brings you closer to the heart of historic towns that once and still have a thriving waterway system that is the life blood for cities along the river. Many cities began and thrived along these great waterways providing products, freight, and commerce to the country's inhabitants.

Where to find a river cruise?

It seems that wherever there's a mighty river, there's a cruise. Some of the most popular river cruises are:

  • The European river cruise - Danube, Rhine, Seine, Rhone, Elbe, Moselle, Po, Thames and the Douro.
  • The Asia river cruise - Yangtze, Mekong and Irrawaddy.
  • The Russian river cruise - Volga.
  • African river cruise - Nile. The Chobe safari cruise.
  • South American river cruise - Amazon.
  • American river cruise - Mississippi and Hudson.

See our Top 5 River Cruises that are currently the most popular on the market.

River Cruises - Intimate and port-driven.

Since the interior waterways can't accommodate the extra large ships that sail the ocean lines, river cruise ships tend to be more on the intimate side. River ships are usually smaller vessels that accommodate less than 200 guests at a time. These ships offer a cozy environment, allowing for more personalized treatment, without being lost in the crowd of typical large ocean ship liners.

Since itineraries are commonly centered around European rivers or Asian rivers that depended on the waterways to sustain their population, you rarely have long periods of pure sailing time. Short sailing times allow these voyages to give shore excursions and immersing passengers into the culture, cuisine and customs of the area.

On board ship activities lack the glamor of larger ocean ships. Unique shorts trips to surrounding museums, historical sites, and guided tours make up for what may be lacking on the larger ships.

River cruising seems to be very popular with well traveled mature adults who are in search of a more meaningful and relaxed sailing experience. But with all the educational and cultural experiences on a river cruise, they intend to satisfy just about any type of traveler, both young and old. These river cruises offer a once-in-a-lifetime hands-on journeys to some of the most exotic, beautiful and historic destinations on the globe.

Popular river cruise destinations.

There are a multitude of different destinations that set sail at various times of the year depending on the weather and port regulations. Here is a list of some of the more sought after itineraries:

European River Cruise: This is a must for first timers. A European river cruise offer some spectacular itineraries while sailing the two most popular river cruises in Europe: the Rhine river cruise and Danube river cruise. Many of these European river cruises pass through France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany and many more countries as well. Lesser known but still popular European river cruises are along the Elbe, Moselle, Po (Italy), Douro (Portugal), and the Volga (Russia).

Asia River cruise: Talk about exotic, the Yangtze River cruise is a very popular cruise. Since there are no low-lying bridges, the ships sailing the Yangtze River have less restrictions, and the boats are a little roomier most with balconies. Along with the Yangtze river cruise, Asia also has an up and coming destinations to include a cruise on the Mekong river in through Cambodia and Vietnam.

Egypt: The Nile river cruise offers travelers an convenient way for tourists to see famous temples and tombs along the Nile river. Historical sites like the Luxor, Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens, Karnak and more sit at the banks of this monumental river. When considering booking a Nile cruise, keep in mind that it is a very popular destination and can get quite busy during the high season from October to May.

South America - The Amazon River Cruise: While many cruise ships offer itineraries along the Amazon river, they are limited to to the wider and more urban ports. Whereas, some voyages along the Amazon get you deeper into the heart of this river. Picture yourself walking through rainforests or visiting small villages and interacting with the indigenous people of the region on an intimate small ship Amazon River cruise.

United States & Canada: For a northeast itinerary you can find river cruises that sail the Mississippi River on a refurbished steamboat as well as other itineraries featuring the East Coast's Chesapeake Bay and the Hudson in New York. The Columbia in Oregon is also gaining momentum as a river cruise site. Canadian River cruises offer up the St. Lawrence Seaway which borders between Canada and New England.