Popular Cruises from U.S. Ports

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Cruises from popular ports

Most popular U.S. Cruise ship ports

Popular U.S. departarture ports for cruises are: Baltimore, Boston, Galveston, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York, San Diego, San Francisco & Tampa.

When taking a cruise from the United States There are a host of popular embarkation points that are the gateway to unlimited amounts of fun and adventure for all travelers seeking a cruise vacation.

The port you sail out of has a lot to do with the cruise line, cruise ship and destination you have chosen for your trip. For instance, a cruise from Miami is a hotspot for to Western Caribbean, Eastern Caribbean and Southern Caribbean. While a cruise from San Francisco or Seattle serve as the embarkation points for most Alaskan cruises.

Most departure cruise ports in the U.S. have something to offer, by way of tourism, with famous landmarks or places of interest that could easily be worked into your vacation itinerary allowing for a cruise vacation at sea along with a vacation on land.

Exploring the city your cruise is originating out of gives travelers a chance to experience a trip-within-a-trip adventure before or after their respective cruise. Cruises from Baltimore offer a history lesson or two by visiting Fort McHenry, where our National Anthem was born, or Mount Vernon which was the home of our first president George Washington. Cruises from Boston could find a Red Sox fan catching a game at Fenway Park. Visit Moody Gardens with the family when booking cruises from Galveston.

Another great port for families and sports fans are cruises from Long Beach where you will find the Aquarium of the Pacific and the Long Beach Grand Prix (around April). Cruises from New Orleans when booked properly, could land you smack dab in the middle of  Mardi Gras, the most epic city-wide party in the United States, throwing or catching beads on Bourbon Street grooving to Cajun tunes. Cruises from Los Angeles will have give you seeing stars along on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Cruise out to Ellis Island and say hello to the Statue of Liberty or stroll through the infamous mid-city Central Park on cruises from New York.

Another great family cruise port, where you can take the kiddies for an exciting day at SeaWorld or the San Diego Wild Animal Park, are found on cruises from San Diego. With cruises from San Francisco you just can't pass up a day trip over to Alcatraz or grabbing a bowl of clam chowder from Fisherman's Wharf. And lastly, cruises from Tampa, can find families enjoying the Busch Gardens theme park or enjoying a historical tour of the SS American Victory maritime museum.

So as you can see, wherever your next voyage takes you, consider staying a few extra days before or after your cruise. Exploring the surrounding city of your departure, can make for a more enriching and well-rounded surf and turf journey, that is just as adventurous and fun as sailing the seven seas.

Some of the most popular U.S. departure ports are: