11 Largest Cruise Ships


Mega-ships | Top 11 biggest ships

The cruise industry is booming and the ships have come a long way in amenities, features, destinations and most of all..SIZE! There are literally hundreds of cruise ships sailing around the world at any given time during the course of a calendar year, some big and some small, but how do you know which ships are the largest cruise ships?

Determining the overall size of a ship is usually done by the reviewing the actual gross tonnage. The gross tonnage of a cruise ship is not the length of the ship but the actual overall internal mass of a cruise ship.

Every traveler has their preference when it comes to big cruise ships, and sometimes larger cruise ships can be off-putting for some, because of the sheer amount of people a mega-ship can accommodate. But just because a large cruise ship can hold a lot of people doesn't necessarily mean it will be crowded.

Some of the largest cruise ships sailing the globe, while able to comfortably house up to almost 4,000 passengers, have ample room and activities to keep travelers happy and occupied without bumping elbows at every turn. So without further adieu, here is the list of the 11 largest cruise ships sailing the seas these days.

 #11 Largest Cruise ship.  Norwegian Breakaway    River cruise arrow