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#3 | Yangtze River Cruise


Yangtze River Cruises - Voted #3 top river cruise.

h3>A once-in-a-lifetime Yangtze river cruise waterway adventure is sure to delight by immersing cruise travelers in popular cities in China like Beijing and Shanghai as well as lesser known towns like Suzhou. Suzhou is affectionately called the "Venice of the East" because of it's extensive canal network.

Yangtze river cruise itineraries include Hubei, which is home to the Hubei Provincial Museum rife with ancient artifacts sure to delight cruise travelers with the history of this Chinese region. Another notable experience on a Yangtze river cruise is the passage through Three Gorges and Three Gorges Dam, a breathtaking 150 mile portion of the Yangtze river that is home to misty mountains, vibrant bamboo groves and serene riverbanks.

The Yangtze river cruise industry is allowed to run larger ships because of the expansive size of the Yangtze river. Larger river cruise ships equates to more on board ship amenities like balconies on all cabins, spas, gyms, internet cafes and shops that other river cruise ships don't have because of bridge or harbor restrictions.

With Yangtze river cruises, there are a slew of interactive land excursions, as well as enriching on-board entertainment featuring local performers. Yangtze river cruise itineraries include visits to the Great Wall of China, Xian's famous army of life-size Terra-cotta warriors, guided tours of the 15th-century Forbidden City and Tienanmen square. Yangtze river cruises are currently being offered by the Viking River Cruise Lines and Avalon River Cruise Lines.

Yangtze river cruises typically run a bit longer, upwards of fourteen days, than most other river cruises because of the amount of itineraries offering stops in a multitude of ports along Yangtze's river banks. But most river cruises will offer shorter itineraries that start out with three day river trips. The best time to cruise the Yangtze river tends to be April through October with the spring and fall months being the coolest weather wise.

With the riches that a Yangtze river cruise has to offer, it is no surprise that it was voted as the number 3 best river cruise.

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