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#4 | Volga River Cruises

Volga river cruises

Volga River Cruises - Voted #4 best river cruise.

The Volga River is the longest river in Europe flowing for 2,300 miles. A Volga river cruise encompasses part of this historic river from the northwest hills of Moscow all the way through Western Russia that empties into the Caspian Sea and currently offered by the Viking River Cruise Lines and Amawaterways Cruise Lines.

A Volga river cruise gives river passengers an inside look at the cities along this great Russian river. When cruising the Volga river you can see how the Volga has played a major role in the life of many Russian people along it's basin, where you will find eleven out of twenty of Russia's largest cities including the capital city of Moscow.

A Volga river cruise gives way to a bevy of adventures because of the sheer number of tributaries that feed off this majestic river. Most Volga river cruises center their itineraries around the main cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg, two cities that have so much to offer in cultural and architectural treasure. These two cities offer Volga river cruise travelers a chance to gain a deeper understanding of the history and culture of Russia and it's inhabitants. With an assortment of land excursions offered on Volga river cruises, one can experience the regions most renowned historical locations.

Volga river cruise itineraries, depending on the cruise lines, may include Red Square and St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, and the Hermitage museum and the Peter and Paul Fortress in the cultural capital of St. Petersburg. Most Volga river cruises include guides with expert knowledge of regions along the Volga river to help point out significant sights.

Volga river cruises can have more extensive cruise itineraries than other river cruises that take you into some lesser known cities of the region like Uglich and Yaroslavi or Volga river voyages through Lake Onega to the Baltic Sea or cruises and visits to Kizhi Island which houses a unique collection of wooden structures that were all constructed without the use of nails.

A Volga river cruise literally has thousands of miles of interesting and historic waterways throughout the whole Russian Federation for an enriching Volga river cruise journey that will not soon be forgotten. It is easy to see why the Volga river cruise is rated #4 as the best river cruise.

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