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Nile River cruise

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Nile River Cruises

Cruising the Nile can give you some of the best views of the most iconic and historic structures in the world, the Pyramids. Not much has changed in this area in over 5,000 years and a Nile river cruise allows travelers a view into the life of the region where farmers still till their agricultural land with hoes. 

Nile river cruises highlight the daily lives of traditional Egyptian families that still reside in conventional mud brick houses right along the banks of the majestic Nile river.

Most Nile River cruises sail between Luxor and Aswan with itineraries on a Nile cruise span from a quick 3-night or seven night cruise that offers spectacular views of the famous temples of the Egypt region. Itineraries on Nile river cruises usually include visits to famous historical landmarks along the Nile like Luxor, Valley of the Queens, Karnak, Ombo, Kom, Dendera, Edfu and Valley of the Kings.

The best cruising time for a Nile river cruise is October through April when the weather is moderate compared to the summer months which has temperatures reaching over 100 degrees with the heat intensifying inside the landmark tombs that may be explored on land excursions. Viking River Cruise Lines operates river boats in this area for your cruising pleasure.

If a Nile river cruise is for you, consider a more sight-seeing, by adding a stay in Cairo before your Nile river cruise, or possibly an add-on to the river cruise to Abu-Simbel to view the Great Temple.

A Nile river cruise literally has thousands of miles of interesting sights along it's river banks. Being rated #5 as the best cruise on a river, the Nile river cruise has much to offer. Viking River Cruise Lines currently operates river boats in this region for your cruising pleasure.

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