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#2 | Danube River Cruises


Danube River Cruises - Voted #2 best river cruise.

Old World greets cruise travelers booking a passage through the very heart of Czech Republic.  Danube River Cruises usually include such cities as Hungary, Serbia, Austria, Germany and Romania. Poets, artists and musicians have been inspired by the sights and sounds of this region that is rich with breathtaking Baroque, Renaissance and Gothic wonders.

Taking a Danube river cruise will make you feel like you've gone back in time when you sail past alluring small villages, as well as, bigger-than-life European cities that are home to age-old vineyards sweeping the hillside amidst the impressive Medieval architecture of ancient cathedrals and castles aboard luxurious floating hotels operated by some world-famous river cruise lines like Viking River Cruises, Amawaterways River Cruises and Avalon River Cruises.

A Danube River Cruise is hailed as one of the most romantic waterways. Cruising on the Danube river is great for all travelers who love art, music, architecture, the outdoors and history. The Danube river cruise also appeals to those who have a heightened love of wine or beer as this region is home to centuries old vineyards, that have supported local farmers for eons, and the bustling micro-breweries that have become widely popular globally.

The Danube river cruise season for this European river begins in late March (early spring) and typically ends around late November (fall). You can also find cruise lines that offer holiday Danube river cruises for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's for cruise travelers that want to spend the holidays cruising through glamorous big-city towns and charming small-town villages to the backdrop of the beautiful Danube river.

These are the reasons that a Danube river cruise was voted as the number two best river cruise.

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