Largest Cruise Ships | Top 11 Biggest

#7, #8 & #9 | RCL - Freedom/Liberty/Independence of the Seas


7th, 8th and 9th Largest Cruise Ships

Freedom of the Seas, Liberty of the Seas, & Independence of the seas, a three-way tie.

Back in 2006, when Freedom of the Seas initially launched, she was considered the largest ship in the world with a series of new features that have now become standards on most ships being launched by the Royal Caribbean cruise line. She has a whopping gross tonnage of 154,407 and can accommodate 3,634 passengers on her voyages of tropical fun to the Eastern Caribbean and Western Caribbean regions from her home port of Orlando, FL. This magnificent ship, currently residing as the 7th largest cruise ship, beats out her two sister-ships Liberty of the Seas (#8 largest ship) and Independence of the Seas (#9 largest ship), which debuted in 2007 and 2008, respectively.

Freedom of the Seas received a makeover in 2011 that included upgrades, to match newer cruise ships being launched under the Royal Caribbean fleet, that included a huge video screen over the family pool area; a rock-climbing wall and ice-skating rink; new-fangled specialty restaurants like Johnny Rockets and Ben & Jerry's; roaming DreamWorks characters for the kiddies and much, much more. Families as well as younger couples, ranging in age from 30 something up into their 50's, are the typical passengers that Freedom of the Seas draws. Like most cruise ships in the RC fleet, Freedom of the Seas, is great for a family cruise vacation while still maintaining a good balance of fun and interesting itineraries making this cruise ship enjoyable for everyone!


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