Largest Cruise Ships | Top 11 Biggest

#10 | Cunard Cruise Lines - Queen Mary 2


Queen Mary 2 - 10th Biggest Cruise Ship. Besides being number 10 on the list of the largest cruise ships, Queen Mary 2 which is part of the Cunard cruise line, is the world's only purpose-built "liner" that was especially designed for Transatlantic crossings. Queen Mary 2 weighs in at 148,528 gross tons with 12 decks that evoke a traditional British feel throughout the entire ship. An interesting note is that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth was even featured at the ships christening before it launched back in 2004. This large cruise ship sails from 15 different ports worldwide with lots of global itineraries.

Queen Mary 2 is longer than three football fields making her one of the longest passenger ships at sea. She can carry 2,600 passengers and has the highest space to passenger ratio industry-wide which makes this ship a lot more quaint and quiet than some of the large mainstream cruise ships. Cruising on this lady of the sea gives way to a more classy sea voyage reminiscent of yesteryear with three formal dinner nights and a more strict dress code that passengers happily embrace. Since the Queen Mary 2 does have a more refined feel she attracts primarily older travelers that want to escape the hustle and bustle that the newer ships evoke with all their newfangled bells and whistles that appeal to younger crowds and families though you will find more kids and teens on board during the summer months when QM2 offers more non-transatlantic itineraries to the Caribbean, Norway and the Eastern Seaboard.


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