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Hello fellow cruise travelers and welcome to the Cruise-Finders Cruise News! This section of Cruise-Finders is dedicated to presenting fun and interesting facts and information about all things cruise related. The cruise articles below can be of help during the planning and research process that goes into booking a cruise vacation or simply serve as an entertaining read while you are "cruising" through our site or surfing the web. In any case, we hope that you enjoy this section as it develops, and come back often to check in on what's buzzing in the wonderful world of cruising. For other interesting cruise related articles, please check out our Cruise Blog.

Ahoy Mateys!

Set sail on an informational adventure into the cruise industry. Want to know the name of the largest ship currently sailing around the globe? Or exactly which River cruise is the most popular? You'll find all the answers here and then some. We welcome travelers to explore the interesting tidbits of information that we have compiled to share with all those seeking adventure on the high seas!

River Cruises: Top five most popular river cruises.

River cruises have become widely popular for those seeking a more intimate cruising experience. Traveling the original highways of the world is a fun and exciting experience no matter which itinerary you choose. Read on and find out about the most popular River cruises currently trending.  [Top best 5 River Cruises]

Largest Ships: Top five largest cruise ships.

Cruise ships are practically massive floating cities that set sail to around the globe transporting travelers to some of the most beautiful destinations on earth creating amazing adventures and memories to last a life time. To find out just how big the largest cruise ship afloat is, read on...  [5 Largest Cruise Ships]

Popular U.S. Ports: Pre- and post-cruise vacation destinations.

Take your cruise vacation to the next level by experiencing a vacation-within-a-vacation by choosing to sail out of these famous U.S. ports that can be just as exciting as the cruise itself. Exploring the embarkation city of your particular cruise gives you a chance to actually visit famous North American cities before or after your cruise that can enrich and enhance the overall trip by visiting famous landmarks, cultural centers, museums, amusement parks that are available right in our own backyard, so to speak. Check with your chosen cruise line to see if they offer bundle packages that include air/hotel before or after your cruise and explore our wonderful country as well as the Seven Seas. [Popular U.S. Port Cities]