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Windstar Cruises

If you are looking for a cruise line unlike any other, Windstar is the cruise line for you. Sailing throughout the year to various ports Windstar Cruises hosts a fleet of three beautiful sail cruisers (part cruise ship, part yacht); the Wind Spirit, the Wind Star and the Wind Surf. Any of the Windstar ships are suitable for young-minded couples and singles in an intimate setting. With no more than 150 passengers the Windstar ships combine first class amenities in a casual setting.

Today, Carnival Cruise Lines is one of the most well-known of the major cruise operators, and undoubtedly is the largest in the world. Carnival operates over twenty cruise ships, including the famous Holiday and Jubilee ocean liners. Carnival offers a wide variety of cruise vacations from three days in the Mexican Riviera, to a 17-day Caribbean adventure. On their many other cruise packages they include the Bahamas, Alaska, as well as, Hawaii, and the Panama Canal.

Windstar Cruise Lines

Onboard Windstar you can see the stunning white masts. Although the ship's masts are computerized and are not necessary to move the ships, on gorgeous days the engines may be cut and the ship will be completely wind driven. The Windstar's ships offer a unique experience. Many of the passengers wouldn't prefer a conventional cruise ship; instead they prefer bonding with other well-traveled couples.

The staff of 90 (Wind Spirit and Wind Star) and 190 (Wind Surf), more than one crew member for every two guests, are on call around the clock. The quality staff and around the clock service offer level of personal service that's recognized among cruising's "Best." Windstar was designed to present an alternative to modern cruising, wrapped up superiority of a magnificent yacht.

Unlike other cruise ships, all of the Windstar sail cruisers offer complimentary water sports that are available when ships are at anchor. Some of the water sports include on the Windstar's ships are water skiing, kayaking, windsurfing, sailing and scenic boat rides. On board the Windstar, cruisers will benefit from an onboard casino and fitness center. The fitness center contains a Health Spa with a staff of ten, a beauty salon, several treatment rooms, a covered sauna and an aerobic workout room In addition, guests may visit the main lounge which includes a dance floor and an area for a trio to perform. The main lounge is also used for cocktail parties and social gatherings. Even with all the amenities onboard many Windstar guests enjoy walking around the patio and enjoying the company of others.

If you are looking for the intimate setting mixed with a unique cruising experience, a cruise on Windstar is the trip for you.


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