Tauck River Cruise Line

How you see the world matters on Tauck River Cruises.


Tauck River Cruises

Tauck is a family-owned Connecticut-based tour company that has been in business for 90 years, as of 2015, that started offering river cruises in 1992. Tauck officially launched it's own fleet of custom-designed riverboats in 2006. Tauck river cruises focus on paying attention to the "little things" that make a river cruise most memorable and enjoyable. Traveling with Tauck River Cruises is akin to traveling with someone who cares with their staff that continually go above and beyond making every moment count and taking care of all the details for travelers so that their trip is carefree and full of extraordinary moments from beginning to end. 

Tauck river cruises adhere to a strict policy of maintaining some of the highest standards in luxury river cruising while also providing the most space per guest in an intimate, club-like atmosphere with upscale accommodations with all-inclusive pricing that covers exclusive excursions, onshore and onboard dining, gratuities and beverages. Just about every Tauck river cruise is outfitted with three tour directors that accompany and assist guests on land tours before and after the cruise. And with Tauck river cruises you will find the most option for land excursions, some of which include exclusive insider experiences that are not offered by other river cruise lines.

Besides being named as the "World's Best River Cruise Line" Tauck is one of the only river cruise lines that has also been named "World's Best River Cruise Line for Families". Tauck has implemented a multi-generational traveler format on specific family-oriented departures, that are designed to include cultural experiences with children in mind, so that families can enjoy time together with hands-on learning activities that appeal to adults as well as children.

Why take a Tauck River Cruise?

Tauck river cruises truly take care of every detail of your river cruise ensuring that passengers relax and connect with their river cruise experience ashore and onboard. Tauck never lets you settle for ordinary whether by offering the most spacious riverboat cabins on the market, with all outside cabins, most of which have floor-to-ceiling windows; or through onboard dining that reflects regional cuisine with a host of special theme dinners to onshore dining experiences allowing for a more personalized dining experience with the locals.

Tauck river cruises also offer open-seating dining in a casual atmosphere where khakis and a collared shirt are the norm with intimate table set-ups for two, four and six. Tauck dining consists of ship buffets, regional cuisine menu options and specially themed dinners  as well as vegetarian meal choices. Tauck also has a super casual dining option that has 180-degree retractable glass walls. The off-ship meals offered by Tauck are very enriching and intimate as well that include local restaurants and historic palaces.

For onboard entertainment Tauck river cruises feature lectures from the experienced tour directors with occasional live music from local acts. Most Tauck river cruise ships have a fitness/gym facility, 24 hour use hot tubs and bicycles for guest use on shore.

Tauck river cruises are also very solo traveler friendly with special rates specifically designed to make river cruising affordable for single travelers wanting to experience the wonders of traveling along the banks of some of the most spectacular waterways of Europe like the Rhine River, Danube River, Seine River and Rhone River.

Tauck river cruises revolve around four specific cornerstones to bring the traveler a truly unique and rewarding river cruise experience that they hope will surpass every passengers river cruise expectations.

Tauck River Cruises - Uncommon Access: With Tauck river cruises travelers will enjoy exclusive access to cultural experiences in a behind-the-scenes fashion on included shore excursions meant to immerse each passenger in every destination. Tauck river cruises focus on the essence of every port through private historic venue dining experiences and other excursions that go beyond the ordinary.

Tauck River Cruises - All Inclusive: Cruising with Tauck, you get exactly what you pay for and then some, without any hidden expenses. Tauck river cruises include every expense with one upfront price that incorporates all beverages, entertainment, meals, gratuities and shore excursions.

Tauck River Cruises - Club-like Atmosphere: Tauck river cruise ships are all custom-designed to be spacious and inviting with luxurious cabins, suites and common areas. Tauck has added all the little touches to make their river cruise fleet intimate, personable yet private that rivals the decadence of premium hotels.

Tauck River Cruises - Personalized Cruising: Tauck river cruises have the highest tour director-to-guest ratio which translates into well-cared for guests that receive the ultimate in personalized and thoughtful service on every river cruise. The Tauck river cruise ship crew are very knowledgeable and make you feel like you are traveling with family. With Tauck river cruises you are in good company that truly infuse you river cruise with "wow" moments...because they believe that how you see the world matters!