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Paul Guaguin Cruise Lines is operated by Pacific Beachcomber, B.C. who is the industry leader for French Polynesian luxury resort cruise destinations. Their fleet include two small cruise ships (m/s Paul Gauguin and m/v Tere Moana) that are dedicated to offering a unique sailing experience by sailing to exotic ports and beaches that most other ships can't sail too.

The Paul Gauguin Cruise Line ships are especially made to sail in shallow waters of the South Pacific for unparalleled cruise experiences letting travelers discover the wonders of Tahiti, French Polynesia, Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America.

The Paul Gauguin Cruise Line is considered one of the best small-ship cruise lines and has been awarded this distinction from various cruise travel and leisure magazines. Since the Paul Gauguin cruise ship and the Tere Moana cruise ship in this fleet are considered small ships, with Paul Gauguin accommodating up to 332 passengers and the Tere Moana with a mere 88 passenger capacity, they offer a more intimate sailing experience.

Because of their smaller size of the Paul Gauiguin ships, they offer chance to explore some of the most scenic spots at a very leisurely pace with one-of-a-kind water sport activities that other cruise ships don't offer like the on board watersports marina on Gauguin where guests can actually enjoy windsurfing, kayaking, paddle boarding and snorkeling from the stern of the ship; or the complimentary watersports activities of the Tere Moana at select ports at destination beaches.

Paul Gauguin Cruise Lines

With an all inclusive fare, elegant regionally infused cuisine, exotic destinations, and plenty of onboard activities, as well as, watersport destination beaches and ports, it's no wonder why the Paul Gauguin Cruise Line has been voted one of the best small ship cruises on the market today. Paul Gauguin cruises give you spacious rooms and the space to luxuriously relax at sea and explore some of the most spectacular island scenery around the globe which truly embodies the spirit of freedom upon the seas. Booking a cruise on Paul Gauguin Cruise Lines insures cruise travelers a complete journey that will tantalize the mind, body and soul.

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