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MSC cruises

MSC ships primarily traverse the Mediterranean and cater to mostly European travelers, but these ships are continually trying expand their English-speaking traveler base, by building newer ships with old world Italian ambiance launching out of Miami as of 2013. If you are looking for a luxurious floating resort then book an MSC cruise for your next sailing vacation.

The MSC cruise line runs most of it's cruises out of European ports with an impressive fleet of new and old ships. They are the fast growing cruise line currently world-wide that offers a refined style in the best Italian tradition. MSC cruise ships feature an elegant decor which sets these ships apart with their contemporary design utilizing classical materials such as marble, walnut burl wood, onyx and Swarovski crystal. MSC cruise fleet consisted of 10 ships in 2009 and increased to 12 ships by 2012 with a new ship launched in Miami in 2013 to attract more North American travelers.

MSC Cruise Lines

Since MSC cruises are predominantly Mediterranean based, they sail to many exotic locations like Spain, Italy, the Greek Island, The Black Sea, Morocco, Spain and more. But MSC also incorporates Northern European, South African, Caribbean, South American and Canadian locations as well, offering their cruise travelers quality locations at fairly cheap prices.

The MSC cruise line may seem geared more towards the more sophisticated and well-traveled adult, but with an ever expanding updated fleet of new vessels, has become more kid-friendly. This family-run company offers a hands on entertainment staff with all sorts of programs and activities for kids of all ages all within the security of a well run cruise ship. And another bonus is that all children 11 and under sail free on the MSC Cruise Line.

Certain select MSC ships offer an even more decadent sailing experience with the MSC Yacht Club. This ship-within-a-ship experience affords the paying traveler a team of butlers that are at your service 24/7 with super spacious suites, a private lounge, secluded pool and bar areas, a private restaurant and breathtaking views that this luxurious enclave offers from being situated at the very front of the cruise ship.

MSC Cruise Lines offers the utmost luxury with a very old world refined-style of sailing with unique and amazing destinations, at incredibly cheap prices, for travelers of all ages and nationalities.