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Queen Mary 2. Some say, the world's grandest ocean liner ever!

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The legacy of a Cunard cruise... It was a more civilized era, the golden age of sea travel. Crossing the ocean was a grand event unto itself, the very embodiment of sophistication and privilege. And traveling Cunard was what one naturally chose for such a cruise voyage. And miraculously this esteemed cruise line has endured through the years to offer the same cruise experience of yesteryear with all the luxuries of our modern times.

In Cunard's own words their ships were "glorious ocean liners" - floating palaces of art deco splendor and Edwardian excess, surrounding guests with every comfort and luxury. They attracted the greatest personalities of the day, from world leaders to movie stars, who sipped champagne at festive black-tie soirees and strolled along graceful promenades attired in their finest apparel. It was the quintessence of luxury travel, and getting there was truly half the fun. Cunard continues this celebration of style with Queen Mary 2 and Queen Elizabeth 2 - proving once again, with Cunard, the journey may be even more magnificent that the destination.

Cunard Cruise Lines

The Cunard Cruise Line carries on the tradition of nostalgic ocean liner cruising with Transatlantic crossings on the Queen Mary 2 or more centralized itineraries in Northern Europe, Asia, New Zealand and Australia aboard QM2's sister ships the Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth cruise ships. These glorious ships which are steeped in history but built in modern times are designed inside and out in the fine British fashion of their predecessor ships offering the utmost in refinery that was found back in the golden age of sea travel. All the modern comforts are accounted for aboard the Cunard Cruise Line ships though you will feel transported back to the 1930's grand ocean liner days complete with afternoon tea served by white-gloved crew members in true British fashion.

Sailing aboard a Cunard Cruise ship offers travelers a White Star Service that is rich in heritage with phenomenal five-star service in a relaxed yet format atmosphere with a variety of activities to enrich your mind, body and soul. Expect specialty onboard lecturers and entertainment, fabulous cuisine, exceptional white-glove service and a host of public areas that are soothing and relaxing as well as engaging.

If you are looking for over-the-top onboard activities and entertainment look to the newer cruise lines of Carnival, Norwegian or Royal Caribbean; but if you are looking for high standard luxury cruising surrounding by stunning decor and quality onboard entertainment featuring sports decks, lively social areas, a Planetarium and Broadway shows and fine cuisine then a Cunard Cruise Line voyage will provide you the refinement and relaxation you seek in a grand environment fit for a Queen (or King) and commissioned by a Queen as well.

The clientele on a Cunard Cruise Line tends to be a good mix of American and British passengers that tend to represent all ages from younger 30-somethings to the 55+ cruise (especially on longer cruises) with European cruises having a more International crowd that warrants daily ship announcements to be delivered in English, German, French and sometimes Spanish. Cunard Cruise Lines also attracts a significant amount of families throughout the year and since the fleet has been re-flagged from Southampton, U.K. to Bermuda there is a higher number of younger passengers aboard enjoying the wedding programs that are now offered aboard all three cruise ships.

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