Costa Cruise Lines

Offering cruises to the Mediterranian, Caribbean and more.


Costa Cruises

Costa is an Italian company with headquarters in Genoa which boasts more than fifty years of tradition in the Italian passenger navigation. All Costa ships fly the Italian flag and operate in the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, the Caribbean and South America. Costa Cruises stands out for its constant pursuit of excellence and its unmistakable style. Costa Cruises belongs to the Carnival Corporation, the world leader in the cruise industry. And while Costa Cruise Lines is a predominant favorite for International voyagers they are becoming more popular among North Americans as well.

Costa Cruise Lines understands when choosing a cruise vacation, your first thought will be "Where should we go?" And when sailing with Costa, they give you a lot of cruise choices to think about with ports of call in the Americas (North and South), Europe, Scandinavia, Pacific Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Costa Cruise Lines

Costa Cruise Lines launched its first passenger ship in 1948 in the "Cruising Italian Style" fashion with an emphasis on architecture and furnishing traits that are still practiced today with some of the newest ships in the line donning million dollar original artwork and flourishes that are hand-crafted. And though the Costa cruise line has great kids programs and divine dining options some people are put off but the fleets more liberal onboard smoking policies.

If you are looking to a multicultural experience while cruising where you will be traveling with a wide mix of cultures and languages then a Costa Cruise Line voyage is the perfect choice because of the varied international ports that the fleet hails from. Whereas the Costa Cruise Lines that operate out of U.S. ports servicing the Caribbean and Americas destinations play host to a less international crowd.

Cozy and convenient amenities can be found onboard a Costa Cruise Line ship no matter what the chosen destination. There are age-appropriate children's programs for kids age 3 to 17 as well as opportunities to attend cooking demonstrations or take in the scenery from the lounge while leisurely sipping espresso. Ever experienced an Authentic Roman steam bath? Well you can aboard a Costa Cruise, as well as a multitude of other enriching activities and fine dining experiences.

Besides a new flagship that is set to debut in 2014 Costa Cruise Lines has embarked on ambitious refurbishment programs to implement on it's older ships as well that intend to improve upon the overall design of the fleet and add newer balcony suites, dining venues and other improvements shipwide.

With Costa, Europe's #1 cruise line, you can explore the timeless beauty of Europe when you visit beautiful fjords or the stone monuments of the Baltic Sea; the ancient wonders of Egypt; the romantic destinations of France, Italy, & Spain; and the beauty of the Greek Isles. Or choose the serenity of a relaxing Caribbean cruise or fabulous South America to ports of call. With a wide variety of sailings and itineraries ranging in length from 5 nights and longer, there is a cruise sure to fit your time frame and budget aboard one of the beautiful Costa ships.