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Since 1989, cruise goers looking for elegance and style in a cruises have overwhelmingly looked to Celebrity cruise lines as their cruise of choice. Celebrity's mix of classic and contemporary tastes are the core of their unique marketing that offers modern luxury at discounted prices that all types of travelers can enjoy from families to couples to multi-generational groups.

Celebrity offers a list of destinations as lavish as their well appointed accommodations, which include Europe, Alaska and the Caribbean. Cruises on Celebrity, can take you as far away as Antarctica and Australia, and newly added smaller cruises to the Galapagos Islands. You'll get fantastic value for upscale experiences with exceptional service and attention to detail in respect to the cuisine and onboard activities.

Celebrity Cruise Lines

Celebrity cruises have standard setting in mind when by offering roomy accommodations, unmatched style, and some notable on-board cuisine. One of the cornerstones of the experience Celebrity provides is a refined style represented by the classical artwork that adorns the luxury liners, or the wine tasting classes for those new to the elite lifestyle. The life of the privileged elite is alive and well about these luxury cruise ship, bringing forth unique amenities such as the cigar humidor, the on-board jazz club, or the museum featuring the likes of Picasso and Warhol.

Through the course of the years, since Celebrity Cruise Lines inception, the fleet is continually being renovated with million dollar makeovers to bring travelers the modern luxuries that are innovative and exciting that can still be affordable to all. Celebrity Cruise Lines has added a lot more enhanced enrichment programs onboard for both adults and teens thereby making family cruises aboard a Celebrity cruise ship much more enjoyable for all family members. Along with the revamping of the ships interior amenities Celebrity Cruise Lines has engaged in culinary renovations as well to truly deliver a fine dining cuisine experience by adding novel alternative restaurant venues that feature Asian-fusion to Italian steakhouse to comfort food with a twist. Add in the flexible dining program, which went fleet-wide back in 2010, and you have the ultimate dining experience for all travelers.

Celebrity Cruise Lines have some of the most spacious room suites and cabins on the market today as well that appeal to bargain seekers with plenty of luxurious staterooms for those who opt for a more opulent room with upgraded amenities, services and views. Each type of room class has enough room and class to satisfy all walks of passengers with upgraded features like in room movies, DVD players and more.

Celebrity Cruise Lines seem to be growing year by year in popularity and value because they cater to those who like a small ship feel even though they are sailing on a large ship. Most cruises will say that even though the ship is full of passengers you never quite feel like it is overcrowded enough to be uncomfortable. Celebrity Cruise Line strives to maintain a small and cozy ship feel while catering to the masses with larger ships that are roomy enough that the increased passenger flow is really never an issue.

In addition to Celebrity Cruise Lines focusing inward with new enhances to the decor, restaurants, lounges and common areas that make the fleet appealing to all they have also been working on bundling land-based options for extended adventures at destinations allowing passengers a more enriching cruise experience that add to a perfectly balanced land and sea excursion.

Celebrity Cruise Lines current fleet consists of 11 ships where you will find a diverse passenger base that welcomes families, seniors, honeymooners, singles as well as gay and lesbian travelers for week-long treks to the Caribbean and beyond or longer sailings to Europe or South America to name a few. The Celebrity Cruise fleet is inviting and pleasant with exceptional service and amenities with itineraries that transport you to a plethora of destinations around the globe that will fit any budget from the frugal to the extravagant.