Carnival Cruise Lines

Looking for a fun time? Here's the original fun-ship cruise line


Carnival Cruise Lines

Self proclaimed as the "fun ship" is one of the most easily identified ships on the sea. The look and feel aboard a Carnival Cruise ships can best be described as festive or casual. A philosophy that once re-wrote the book on vacation cruises many years ago.

Today, Carnival Cruise Lines is one of the most well-known of the major cruise operators, and undoubtedly is the largest in the world. Carnival operates over twenty cruise ships, including the famous Holiday and Jubilee ocean liners. Carnival offers a wide variety of cruise vacations from three days in the Mexican Riviera, to a 17-day Caribbean adventure. On their many other cruise packages they include the Bahamas, Alaska, as well as, Hawaii, and the Panama Canal. 

Carnival Cruise Lines

Along with a unique party atmosphere that Carnival provides, cruisers enjoy a plethora of cuisine and entertainment choices. Dining aboard a Carnival cruise ship include the more casual accommodations you would expect from this cruise line, but upscale dining is also done very well indeed. When considering the entertainment available, many choose Carnival Cruise ships for the Las Vegas style surroundings, uniquely offering the all-night party experience, with casinos and shows that go around the clock. Variety and fun are the two demands that Carnival shoots for in satisfying their guests so much so that they are the only cruise line to offer a vacation guarantee.

With a mantra built around "Fun for All, All for Fun" Carnival cruises definitely live up to their name and delight passengers of all ages and likes year round to fun destinations worldwide. Carnival cruises appeal to all sorts because of their varied itineraries that include destinations that offer exploration, lounging, culinary adventures, family inclusive activities and enriching history lessons that are made that much more pleasant with cheerful and attentive crews catering to your every need.

Carnival Cruise lines was founded in 1972 and began it's humble foray into cruise vacations primarily known for it's floating frat party atmosphere, and while still known for it's flashy neon atmosphere, has been evolving over the years with the addition of more top-notch cuisine choices for foodies who still like to let loose and have some fun and expanded kids programs that are much more inviting for travelers on family cruises. Older travelers can still enjoy a Carnival cruise line in many of the expanded lounge offerings that feature live jazz or classical piano musicians, off-Broadway shows and adults only spa areas.

There is ship-by-ship diversity among the Carnival Cruise line fleet that boasts over 20 new built and refurbished large scale cruise ships. Some of the newer amenity additions include big outdoor movie screens that display news, concerts and sporting events as well as moving at night for all to enjoy; pool areas with retractable tops for year-round onboard swimming; new food venues inspired by famous chefs from the Food Network industry like Guy Fieri; new kids programs featuring interactive Hasbro games come to life; more balcony staterooms that are cushier and streamlined with updated amenities like flat screen TV's and in-room movie options; and the expansion of the new deck spaces that include new bars, clubs, spa areas and waterslides at kids facilities.

Carnival Cruise lines will not disappoint travelers looking for fun, excitement, adventure and excellent cuisine options especially since they offer a multitude of "Fun Guarantees" that they stand behind to ensure a great cruise experience for all.