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"INCLUDED" is what you'll get with an Avalon River Cruises.


Avalon Waterways

Avalon is one of the premiere River Cruise leaders. Along with Viking River Cruise Line and Amawaterways River Cruise Line, Avalon River Cruises brings travelers to ports along the historic waterways of the country that led to the development of thriving cities along the European, Asian and South American interior regions. Avalon river cruises pride themselves on making everything "included" in the fare, from dining to shore excursions to onboard entertainment. When Sailing on Avalon Waterways, this river cruise lines is devoid of extra hidden costs which can pile up and potentially dampen your overall voyage. Avalon Waterways river cruises let you enjoy the very best of Europe, South America and Asia via the spectacular interior waterways of some of the largest rivers around the world.

Name your river and Avalon Waterways more than likely operates a first-class river ship in that area. Avalon cruises through Europe, include two of the most popular river cruises industry-wide, along the Rhine and Danube rivers as well as itineraries along the Moselle and Seine rivers. If you are looking to visit China, Avalon river cruises, operates along the mighty Yangtze River River, The Mekong River and the upper Irrawaddy. Explore one of the world's most vastly unexplored regions, along the mighty Amazon River in South America, for a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. Avalon Waterways also operate a limited number of riverboat tours in the United States and charters a 20-cabin yacht that sails around the fascinating Galapagos Islands.

Avalon River Cruises

Avalon Waterways operates an award winning fleet that is also the youngest on the European waterways offering the largest staterooms, innovative and up-to-date technology, creatively inspired designs and desirable services featuring an English-speaking crew that delivers the utmost in personal service throughout your journey that has earned a 98% satisfaction rating. Along with the premium service on-board an Avalon river cruise, there are countless quality enrichment programs, lectures and seminars available to learn about your next port and it's cultural heritage, cuisine and local customs. Avalon river cruises also incorporates regional dishes choices to their already elegant cruise dining options making every meal a part of the journey. And rounding out an the Avalon Waterway cruise are the complimentary land excursions that are led by knowledgeable area experts and the availability of alternative shore excursions that further to personalize your river cruise experience.

Avalon Waterway cruises - European river cruise: Step back in time and glide past medieval castles, remarkable ancient wonders and luscious riverbank vineyards that will take your breath away aboard new age water vessels that are as quiet as they are comfortable. Avalon's European river cruises are magical and fascinating with tons of scenic landscapes and intimate adventures on shore and along the beloved waterways of the region. Avalon's river cruise itineraries include journeys on the Danube River, Rhine River, Main River, Moselle River, Seine River and the Rhone/Saone River.

Avalon river cruises - Asia river cruise: Avalon Waterways takes travelers through the fascinating sights, ancient traditions and colorful cultures that are the tapestry of this region with river cruises along the mighty Yangtze River, the powerful Mekong River and the scenic Irrawaddy. An Avalon river cruise on any three of these glorious rivers will give you a glimpse into the history, life, culture and economy of China with fascinating and awe-inspiring sights, sounds and interactions with the friendly people that inhabit the banks of these marvelous Asian rivers along the way.

Avalon river cruises - South American Amazon river cruises: Imagine floating along the banks of an untamed rainforest, swimming with pink dolphins, visiting the people of a true native community and venturing deep into the biodiversity of the Amazon jungle for glimpses of elusive wildlife. Taking an Amazon river cruise aboard an Avalon Waterways ship will deliver all the above and more by transporting adventurous travelers down this mighty river for a journey into one of the world's most vastly unexplored regions. (Note: Avalon Waterways also charters a yacht that explores the diverse habitat around and on the Galapagos Islands.)

Avalon river cruises - North American Riverboat cruise: In addition to river cruises abroad Avalon Waterways also offers riverboat cruises within the United States for a truly unique experience that is obtainable practically in your own backyard. Riverboat cruises are a great way to venture back in time locally for glimpses into the history of days gone aboard an authentic paddlewheel steamboat along the lower Mississippi River, as well as the Ohio and Tennessee rivers celebrating American river history, lore, tradition, music and cuisine.