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Cruise to the beat of Jamaica, mon!

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Why cruise to Jamaica?

Not just another island paradise in the Caribbean. Jamaica, is a sought after destination that is full of history, culture and cuisine. Cruises to Jamaica give the traveler spectacular environmental and visual wonders to behold, while chowing down on the local "jerk" cuisine as you enjoy the Reggae music that made this region as popular as it is.

Cruises to Jamaica offers tantalizing tastes, signs and sounds as well as hours of tropical frolicking that the whole family can enjoy. Cruising to Jamaica can also be a great honeymoon trip or anniversary voyage as well. So take the family or grab your sweetie and book your cruise to Jamaica today.


Jamaica Cruises - Lush and inviting.

Cruises to Jamaica will bring you to the third-largest island in the Greater Antilles surrounding by the crystal clear Caribbean Sea waters with inviting sandy white beaches and lush inland greenery. The primary points of attraction on cruises to Jamaica are the spectacular natural waterfalls on the island. Dunn's River Falls are located on the north side of the island and boast an impressive 600 foot cascade with climbing stones. Somerset Falls, which is located on the Eastern part of the Island, is surrounded by lush greenery is just as equally amazing. Another beautiful attraction on cruises to Jamaica is The Green Grotto, which is a historical hiding place for pirates and runaway slaves. Miles of sun-soaked beaches with cliffs and coves provide the ultimate in relaxation on a cruise to Jamaica.

Your cruise to Jamaica also gives you a chance to taste the local cuisine and explore the cultural vibe of the island. Jamaica is famous for it's Jamaican jerk spice, Red Stripe beer and Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. What you'll also find on cruises to Jamaica is the chance to buy hand-crafted trinkets and souvenirs that the locals make and sell for a living. You will probably be bombarded by lots of different peddlers, but if you are not interested in their wares, be kind and politely decline. Cruises to Jamaica immerse travelers in the magic of the islands and it's mixed African, Middle Eastern, Spanish, English and Indian cultures.

Cruises to Jamaica are full of history as well with each town on the island having it's own story. Visit Clark's Town where G. M. Clarke originally set up 30 acres of his land and dubbed them as a "free village" for the emancipation of the slaves. Montego Bay is home to the former house of poet Elizabeth Barrett-Browning. Port Royal which served as pirate headquarters back in the day. Explore Trenchtown, the famous neighborhood in Kingston, that was home to Bob Marley who is one of the most well-known Reggae artists ever.

Popular Jamaica cruise destinations.

Jamaican cruises can only dock at two ports on this beautiful island, Ocho Rios and Falmouth, and while there is plenty to do in these dock towns you will have a whole island to explore as Jamaica's economy depends on revenue generated from tourism. Places of interest in and around these two ports are:

Ocho Rios: This bustling port town is framed in green hills and home to Dunn's River Falls, which is the most celebrated attraction in the Caribbean. You can also visit tropical plantations, leisure travel down a river on a bamboo raft or enjoy a coastal yacht cruise.

Falmouth: This Colonial Williamsburg of the Caribbean has a Historic District that houses an impressive collection of 19th century Georgian architecture. Enjoy a romantic ride down the Martha Brae River on a 30-foot bamboo raft. Bargain shop in Water Square that is also home to the Albert George Shopping and Historical center. And make sure to come hungry to sample over 300 Jerk recipes.

Kingston: Get in a great exercise for your quads and your eyes with a hike through the Blue Mountains. A visit to the Bob Marley Museum is a must for Reggae fans as well as a stroll through Trench Town where both Bob Marley and Peter Tosh lived. Quench your thirst for pirate adventures by visiting Port Royal.

Montego Bay: Known as a party location for spring breakers, because of it's vibrant nightlife, you will also find a calmer side to this island town. Get some duty-free shopping done or enjoy the calm waters of the crystal clear blue waters of the beaches. Browse local handicrafts at Harbor Street and open-air market. Widowmaker's Cave is a diver's paradise for exploring lots of intricate underwater caves and crevices.