Cruise Destinations

Where do you want to cruise to?


Find a good cruise and destination to match your personality.

When planning a cruise, it's difficult to pick that perfect destination. With all the fantastic cruise itineraries world-wide, the choice is difficult. What is the best cruise? What are the most popular cruise destinations? Just like no two travelers are alike, no two cruisers are alike. When deciding how to pick a cruise, the choice depends on who you are and what you like.

With a huge selection of domestic and international Ports of Call, choosing destination is the key to starting your sea fairing adventure, vacation, escape or group outing.

Ask Yourself:

    • What type of a vacation do you want?
    • How much can you afford to spend on a cruise?
    • Do you want a relaxing cruise or, a busy active cruise?
    • How much time can you spend on a cruise?
    • When do you want to go?
    • Do you prefer a smaller ship or a mega-ship atmosphere?
    • Are you foodie? How important is food to you?
    • How important is entertainment on-board the ship?
    • Are you wanting shopping destinations, beach destinations or cultural destinations?
    • Do you like to visit big cities, small towns and villages, or white sand beaches?
    • What is the average age group of the cruisers?
    • Do you prefer to cruise with a other passengers that share your ethnicity?

So whether you want a cheap discounted weekend trip, like those offered up by a several cruise lines in the Bahamas and Caribbean Islands (fun in the sun). Or, a cruise on an exclusive and luxury-ridden twenty day Mediterranean cruse or European River cruise. For a quiet get away full of exotic food, experiences and sights, planning a fun 7 - 10 day family trip, during peak spring or summer dates can be a task.

The Disney cruise line cruises offers a nice mix of kid friendly itineraries along with entertainment for the adults. The Gay and Lesbian LGBT cruise, proudly serves the gay community with itineraries geared toward more gay-friendly ports of call and varying schedules that include special mixers, activities and entertainment in a more progressive atmosphere. For the cultural lovers. consider a River Cruise, that sail the smaller inner waterways of some of the most majestic and powerful rivers in Europe, Asia, South America, North America, with intensive port-driven itineraries taking you right into the heart of the city itself.

Destination: Alaskan Cruises

Find Alaskan Cruises departing from Seattle, Canada and San Francisco ports. Experience the majestic glaciers, fjords and wildlife on an Alaskan cruise from ship and the shore. Bold, beautiful and breathtaking are the best words to describe an Alaskan cruise with many cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Seabourn and Princess offering interactive Alaskan cruise itineraries at great deals. [Alaskan cruise]

Destination: Bahamas Cruise

A Bahamas cruise is perfect for a family cruise, a singles cruise, a honeymoon cruise, or almost any type of cruise where beaches, islands, and fun in the sun is what you're looking for. A Bahamas cruise transports travelers through the tropical delights of turquoise waters and pristine shores off the East Coast of the North America. A Bahamas cruise escapes the harsh winters at home a provides a journey to playful islands for an unforgettable vacation. [Cruise to the Bahamas]

Destination: Caribbean Cruise

Caribbean cruises are the most popular industry wide because they appeal to all ages and budgets while quenching the thirst for a tropical getaway that will include many interesting and active ports, lush sandy white beaches with crystal clear blue water and plenty of duty-free shopping. A Caribbean cruise is perfect for couples, families, honeymooners and large groups. Everybody will walk away happy from a cruise through the Caribbean.  [Caribbean Cruise] 

Destination: Western Caribbean Cruise

Find fun and exciting cruises to the islands in the Western part of the Gulf of Mexico. A Western Caribbean cruise can be just what the doctor ordered for a quick getaway or an extended stay. On a Western Caribbean cruise, you will experience the true spirit of island life on white beaches with tranquil blue waters creating lasting memories for all.  [Western Caribbean Cruise]

Destination: Eastern Caribbean Cruise

Find sun-filled excursions the the islands in the Eastern part of the Gulf of Mexico. For yet another tropical getaway taking an Eastern Caribbean cruise is sure to rejuvenate your soul with robust ports like The Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Grand Turks or the Dutch and French island of St. Marteen/St. Martin. Relaxing in the sun, enjoying a beach, or shopping at the many island businesses is what an Easdten Caribbean Cruise is all about.  [Eastern Caribbean Cruise]

Destination: Southern Caribbean Cruise

Find cruise deals to the islands in the Southern part of the Gulf of Mexico. Some of the most exotic islands and cultures can be experienced on a Southern Caribbean cruise. A Southern Caribbean cruise brings you to destinations like Barbados, full of ample night life, and St. Lucia which is home to the world's only drive-in volcano. Southern Caribbean cruises are rich in history and jam packed with all the bells and whistles of tropical fun. [Southern Caribbean Cruise]

Destination: Mediterranean Cruise

Find adventure with an affordable Western Mediterranean cruise or Eastern Mediterranean cruise. A Mediterranean cruise is literally a cruise of a lifetime opportunity to experience the culture and ancient history of some of the most world-renowned locations like Greece, Italy, Venice Spain, France and more. Only on a Mediterranean cruise can you experience the ruins of ancient civilizations and the beauty of historical works by Michelangelo and many other famous architectural wonders. [Mediterranean Cruise]

Destination: River Cruise

Find European River Cruises, Asian river cruises, North and South American river cruises and African river cruises (Nile). A river cruise allows travelers into the heartland of many foreign metropolises via the interior waterways of the world. A river cruise offers a more intimate and personal sailing experience by getting closer to the culture, traditions and people at the root of many cosmopolitan hot spots around the globe. Booking a river cruise is the best way to explore the original highways of the world.    [River Cruise]

Destination: Jamaica Cruise

Cruises to Jamaica are awash with lush tropical natural wonders, duty-free shopping and rich cultural experiences. Visit the spectacular natural waterfalls in Ocho Rios; Tour the 19th century Gregorian architecture in Falmouth; Party it up in Montego Bay or visit the Bob Marley Museum in Kingstown.   [Jamaica Cruise]

Destination: Hawaiian Cruise

Hawaiian cruises are very popular for families and couples that want to experience the history, nature and magic of the Hawaiian Islands. There are three ways to enjoy a Hawaiian cruise, but the most popular is intra-island sailing, which sail to various ports amongst the Hawaiian islands. Each island is beautiful and has lots of fun onshore activities that could include a day of coffee tasting at a plantation on Kona; a trip to the Polynesian Cultural Center for a laua; snorkeling or kayaking on white sand or black sand beaches; or amazing helicopter rides to explore the Napali coast and much much more   [Hawaiian Cruise information]

Destination: Greek Island Cruise

The Greek Islands off the coast of Greece all have their own charm, personality and attractions. These alluring Mediterranean islands will leave you speechless, after a Greek Island cruise, with their sheer beauty, friendly culture, sumptuous cuisine and ancient historical sites. A trip to the Greek Islands guarantees travelers picturesque views of white-washed villages perched atop stunning cliff-side beaches; mouthwatering surf and turf cuisine prepared with freshly caught fish and locally grown produce; and spectacular coastline sunsets to enjoy after touring each islands rich historical treasures from days gone by.    [Greek Island cruise information]

Destination: Antarctic Cruise

An Antartic Cruise is a journey through one of the world's most pristine natural haabitats that is virtually untounched by man. Giant icebergs and ice shelves inhabit the areas as do whales, three types of penguins, sea lions and albatross. Wild and scenic taking an Antartic Cruise can be enjoyed from small expedition style vessels to mid-sized ships to large luxury ships. Land excursions consist of hiking, wildlife viewing and abandoned outposts that have weathered the harsh environments of this region for years and years. [More Antarctic Cruise information here.]

Destination: Baltic Cruise

Cruising the Northern Europe Baltic Sea leads way to some amazing historical and cultural explorations while you sail along the beautiful countryside full of fjords, straits and hilltop waterfalls. This region is home to some of the world's greatest museums, palaces and striking historical architecture that has been well-preserved over the years. Picturesque buildings, unique waterways and beautiful cities abound on Baltic Cruises as do quaint little villages with winding cobblestone streets full of shops and cafes to enjoy on the sunny summer evenings. [More on Baltic Cruises]