Southern Caribbean Cruise

Exotic scenery with a Colonial feel.

Southern Caribbean cruises

Why cruise the Southern Caribbean?

The islands features on most Southern Caribbean cruises are considered a bit more exotic because of the Colonial influences that have shaped them (French, British, Dutch and South American respectively).

Each destination on a Southern Caribbean cruise offers a variety of different environments, people and culture as a result of all the outside influences that have made these islands a tropical wonderland to explore and enjoy. The islands that make up the Southern Caribbean area are predominantly small, which means more cozy and inviting, than some of the more Eastern Caribbean or Western Caribbean ports of call.

Southern Caribbean Cruise - Rich with history.

The sub-continental islands of the Southern Caribbean cruise area have a diverse population because of all the different mix of nationalities that have inhabited these islands dating back 7000 years from ancestors that traveled from locations far and wide such as South America, Europe, Africa, France and more. This interesting cultural melting-pot lends different feels to different locations within the Caribbean giving travelers a chance to experience a tropical getaway within a getaway.

The Southern Caribbean cruising area is frequented by both small and large cruise lines, with the smaller ships, giving you a chance to get to more intimate spots within this tropical island paradise. The weather stays fairly steady all year round which gives cruise travelers a nice escape from colder climates as well as a sunny paradise to visit when their calendar allows.

One should always keep in mind when planning a Southern Caribbean cruise vacation is hurricane season, which can cause for an unstable cruising experience, if the weather acts up. Hurriane season in the Caribbean is June 1 through November 30.

The Southern Caribbean cruise industry is a bit hampered because of limited embarkation points. Most travelers need to fly into San Juan, Puerto Rico and then encounter late set-sail times to make sure that the day-of passengers can make it to the ship. However, with the recent rise in interest, for exotic Southern Caribbean cruise, more Northern American lines are being opened up to appeal to those who don't like to fly.

Popular Southern Caribbean cruise destinations.

Southern Caribbean ports of call can vary depending on your cruise line and ship size. Some larger cruise lines can't dock at smaller ports which can limit more intimate island cruising. The list below gives you a brief idea of some of the more popular destinations for most Southern Caribbean cruises.

Curacao: This Dutch-influenced South Caribbean destination offers some amazing snorkeling and scuba diving. Jeep safari's are also popular for an interesting immersion into the local nature and wildlife offers.

Barbados: This British ruled Southern Caribbean port is well developed and has ample duty-free shopping. Barbados also offers a festive night-life in the main tourist areas. Scuba diving, helicopter rides, festivals, sight-seeing and tropical wildlife preserves are also big tourist hits.

San Juan, Puerto Rico: This popular Southern Caribbean destination offers both nature and history for travelers to enjoy. From hikes in the National Wildlife Refuge or Rio Grand's El Yunque to the monumental fort of El Morro that was erected by the original Spanish settlers. Also famous for it's magnificent beaches you will find horse riding, snorkeling, diving and fishing adventures awaiting you.

St. Lucia: With fiery volcanic origins, St. Lucia, is a prime Southern Caribbean spot is home to the world's only drive-in volcano. The sights and sounds of this white sand beach outdoor hotspot are sure to dazzle travelers.

St. Maarteen/St. Martin: This dual island that has French and Dutch influences on either side offers the best bargain shopping as well as water sport activities. Exciting casinos, ample nightlife, duty-free shopping, quaint cafe's and picture perfect beaches abound.

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