Eastern Caribbean Cruise

Sparkling blue waters, fascinating sites and shopping.


Why cruise the Eastern Caribbean?

Cruising to an Eastern Caribbean transports travelers to a tropical paradise surrounded by crystal clear waters and blanketed with both white sand and black sand beaches. When choosing an eastern Caribbean cruise, you'll soon encounter great weather, beautiful islands surrounded by crystal blue waters providing some of the best snorkeling and diving in the world.

Eastern Caribbean cruise ports are rife with alluring geological and historical sites, as well as, incredible island and marine wildlife. Add in the fact that Eastern Caribbean cruise destinations include duty-free shopping and you have yourself a complete destination that is sure to please all.

Eastern Caribbean Cruises - Most cruising choices.

The Eastern Caribbean region is the most widely covered destination by nearly every cruise line, large or small, with cruise itineraries that either concentrate solely on this area or at least hit a few notable ports. Most Eastern Caribbean cruise embarkation points are easily accessible and encompass starting locations that originate from various parts of Miami. Additional ports located in Charleston (S.C.), New York City, and even some European cruise lines doing repositioning cruises during the spring and fall.

Eastern Caribbean cruises also fit perfectly into time and budget constraints. With three or four night weekend voyages up to ten nights and more, travelers are sure to find an interesting Eastern Caribbean itinerary for both short term and long term cruises. Price-wise, since this is a heavily traveled area, Eastern Caribbean cruises can be cheap to moderate for those on budgets while also having itineraries for those who want to pay money for a more luxurious sea voyage.

Eastern Caribbean cruises offer the ultimate fun-in-the-sun experience for most cruisers especially those whose dream getaway includes sandy beaches relaxing with a frosty tropical drink in hand or enjoying an array of water sports in clear blue ocean waters. On the flip side, Eastern Caribbean cruises offer lots of duty-free shopping, casinos, resorts and plenty of nature to explore for those that don't feel like catching rays all day.

Eastern Caribbean cruises are host to more traffic and families during the summer months, while kids are on summer break from school, with the best deals being offered in the fall after school is back in session. But whether you cruise to the Eastern Caribbean during the summer or cruise to the Eastern Caribbean during the winter months, you are sure to have beautiful weather, as the temperature doesn't change all that much from season to season, with lots of great days at sea as well as tourist rich traveling.

Popular Eastern Caribbean cruise destinations.

Eastern Caribbean cruises offer some of the most well developed stops for tourists and can be scheduled all year round with the "high" season beginning in December and running through April. Eastern Caribbean cruise itineraries are delightful and energetic, with some even offering stops in ports that aren't actually located in that specific region, like The Bahamas (an Atlantic locale) and Barbados (which is actually a southeast Caribbean destination). Below is a list of some of the most popular ports-o-call Eastern Caribbean cruise destinations:

Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos: This Eastern Caribbean destination offers lots of water sport activities amongst powdery white sandy beaches. This small island chain also claims a major coral reef which is excellent for snorkeling or diving. Take a catamaran cruise or stroll the town's pastel-colored wood houses to really "take in" the scenery these island have to offer.

Nassau, Bahamas: This popular Eastern Caribbean stop is actually located in the Atlantic Ocean, but offered on a good amount of itineraries, and is home to Straw Market (for a plethora of souvenir shopping) and the Atlantis Resort which features Paradise Beach which is rich with water-sports, eateries and more.

San Juan, Puerto Rico: Another popular US-based port of call for Eastern Caribbean cruises has travel worthy historical sightseeing. You can also venture outside of the city for some interesting hiking in the El Yunque National Park, which is the only U.s. designated rain forest where you can experience lots of waterfalls, wildflowers and fauna on actual marked trails. For a unique and memorable experience, look into a kayak tour near Fajardo, which is a mangrove forest that is home to glowing micro-organisms that you can paddle through at night.

St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands: This USA-based destination, that is very popular with all Caribbean cruise lines, offers lots of duty-free shopping with U.S. currency. Besides excellent shopping opportunities and being praised as having one of thw Caribbean's top beaches, there are plenty of water sport activities offered on the other side of the island, in St. John which is predominantly a national park with divine beaches for snorkeling, sailing and diving.

St. Maarteen/St. Martin: You get the best of two cultures at this Eastern Caribbean port. This island has a Dutch section as well as a French section making this two stop in one. Philipsburg is a popular Dutch hub that has duty-free jewelry shopping. Marigot, the French section capital, offers a variety of restaurants, cafes and bistros. You can also get in some good day-tripping from this location to Anguilla, Saba or St. Bart's

Tortola, British Virgin Islands: Another popular beach and water sport destination on Eastern Caribbean cruise itineraries. Shopping, snorkeling and swimming among "The Baths" prehistoric boulders make up the more popular activities at this destination.

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