Baltic Cruise

Charming cruises that explore Northern Europe


Why cruise the Baltic Sea?

A Baltic Cruise has an influx of multicolored cultures, languages, artistic traditions, currencies and ancient history that you'll experience with stops in several different countries like Russia, Finland, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark and Germany at well-known cities like Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersburg and more and be greeted by majestic cities, charming locals and tempting cuisine.

With some of the most stunning scenery, amazing historical and cultural sites and great fares for the amount of places you'll visit, it's no wonder why, Baltic cruises are becoming one of Europe's most popular cruising destinations. Baltic cruises provide passengers magnificent shore excursions to museums, palaces, castles and cathedrals while cruising the Baltic Sea through the cobalt blue Norwegian fjords and beyond.

Taking a Baltic Cruise is also a cheaper way to see the more expensive cities of Europe (namely Sweden, Finland and Denmark) so that you can enjoy the scenery and history of these towns without breaking the bank. And take into consideration you'll be treated like royalty, Baltic Cruises, are a perfect getaway for your next cruise vacation.

Baltic Cruises - Old World cities and timeless landscapes

Most Baltic cruises embark and disembark on their scenic journeys from the cities of Stockholm or Copenhagen with some sailings out of England's Dover or Southampton and a few lines leaving from Amsterdam. Baltic cruises are known to be very port-intensive sometimes including a overnight stays in some very history-rich ports of call.

The opportune sailing season for Baltic cruises runs from mid-April into October. The most expensive time and the busiest time aboard Baltic cruises is during the months of June, July and August. The summer Baltic cruise season also gives way to days that seem to last forever with extended daylight hours sometimes last until 11 p.m. The temperatures are a little more brisk than the popular warm-climate Mediterranean and Caribbean cruises but for the price, sights, scenery and diverse cultural experiences Baltic cruises are definitely a viable cruise vacation option if you aren't looking to spend your summer cruising white sand beaches sipping fruity rum drinks.

Popular Baltic cruise destinations.

Baltic cruises hit various different ports depending on the cruise ship lines itinerary options most with extended stays in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Oslo: With a newly developed waterfront you will find Oslo to be a lively place with plenty of delightful outdoor cafes, trendy shops and street performers. Oslo is also home to several can't-miss museums like the Munch Museum which houses the famously disturbing masterpiece "The Scream" originally painted by Edvard Munch and the Nobel Peace Center.

Stockholm: From rare book dealers to tourist shops to small cafes full of locals in Stockholm's Old Town to sightseeing canal cruises that tour Sweden's capital city that is actually built on 14 different islands this strikingly pretty city is also home to another Nobel Museum and the Royal Palace.

Copenhagen: Pretty promenades along serene canals, ancient winding streets making for biking and walking, charming 17th and 18th century buildings, beautiful parks and gardens are things you will find on a Baltic Cruise stopping in Copenhagen. During the summer months you can dine at an outdoor cafe or enjoy a nice stroll through the magical Tivoli Gardens.

St. Petersburg: This is a very history-laden town that usually warrants a two day stay on most cruise ship itineraries. Hermitage, which houses one of the world's largest art collections, is a very popular location to visit as are canal tours where you can admire the cities 19th century architecture. There are many Versailles-style palaces to discover on the surrounding countryside and no trip would be complete without taking in a cultural performance.

Helsinki: The architecture that abounds in this city finds you surrounding by onion-domed cathedrals and neo-classical buildings. Design lovers must definitely hit the Design Museum or the Museum of Contemporary art in all it's avant-garde style. During the summer months you'll find the liveliest waterfront in Finland where you can enjoy soaking up the sun at a cafe, ferry cruises to the nearby Suomenlinna Sea Fortress housing community or a boat tour of the surrounding waterways.

Tallinn: Line with cobblestone streets and medieval architecture the remarkably restored Old Town still has the feel of the 1400s despite all the tourist shops. Tallinn is a journey back in time, as most of the architecture has remained the same for over 600 years, with winding streets past old world towers and the old city wall, you'll feel like you've just stepped into a medieval storybook.

Riga: Enjoy the varied architecture that abounds in this city and ranges from Gothic and Baroque to Art Nouveau and Classic. Historically restored buildings that were destroy from the bombings during World War II, line twisting cobblestone streets and alleyways, with all the trendy shops and cafes located in the converted Jacob's Barracks area.