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river cruising

River Cruises.  Get to the heart of your destination. For cruisers looking for something a little different is a cruise.
River cruises offer the opportunity to get up close and personal with your preferred destinations.

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There are so many variables involved when choosing a cruise destination, a cruise ship, and a cruise itinerary. Research plays an important part in planning a cruise vacation. At Cruise-finders.com, we are continuously looking at all the major cruise lines to give travelers the most definitive information on ships, service, ports of call, destinations as well as cruise reviews written by actual passengers.

It's our goal to equip you with the knowledge you need to successfully research and book your next sailing vacation. Compare cruise lines, cruise destinations and look over our cruise news to help guide you in your decision making process.

Specialty Cruises


Looking for a specialty cruise that caters to your traveling needs? There are many cruise itineraries to choose from and refining your search can certainly help when booking your first cruise or your fiftieth cruise. Need a family cruise with a great kids program? Or how about gay and lesbian cruises? Perhaps a River Cruise down the majestic rivers or Europe? Or a China Yangtse River Cruise. Read more about River Cruises and Specialty Cruises.

Popular Destinations


You know you want to take a cruise...but to where? There are a host of exciting and captivating destinations and ports of call around the globe that are waiting for you to create amazing once-in-a-lifetime memories with your friends, family, or significant other. Read more about our most interesting. Read about a Cruise to Alaska, a cruise to the Caribbean, or Cruise to the Mediterranean. Check out our most Most Popular Cruise Destinations.


What's in Port? Pre-cruise and Post-Cruise sitesport-ny

How about killing two birds with one stone by choosing a popular U.S. port to sail out of where you can take a few extra days before or after your voyage to explore cities you may have always wanted to visit. Take for instance cruises from New Orleans where you can experience Mardi Gras or take in the sights, sounds and cuisine of this historic town. How about a cruise from New York for an adventure in the Big Apple. Or enjoy the lush nightlife and famed beaches on cruises from Miami. For those who are traveling out of a West Coast port there are plenty of popular departure points like cruises from San Diego, cruises from Los Angeles or cruises from San Francisco that have plenty of points of interest to explore for memory making trip-within-a-trip adventures that will delight couples and families alike.

Head Upstream on a river cruise!rivership-flat

So you've sailed the seven seas and are looking to switch it up a bit; or you want sail in a more intimate setting that lends itself to a more enriching vacation experience that involves exploring cities and countries that are inaccessible by large cruise liners. Then pack your bags and treat yourself to a river cruise for a completely unique sailing experience. Enjoy the magnificent countryside and quaint villages on a romantic Danube River cruise  that has been the inspiration for many lovers, poets and musicians. Explore ancient European cities on a Rhine River cruise with stops in captivating cities like Amsterdam, Cologne, Strasburg and more. Delve into the heart of Asia with an enthralling Yangtze River cruise through Beijing and Shanghai or gain a deeper understanding of the history and culture of Russia on a Volga River cruise.

Choosing a Cruise Destinationorient

This is usually where all the cruise planning begins. You ask yourself where in the world do I want to go and why? Do you want to sail on a big ship with all the bells and whistles on a Western Caribbean Cruise or Eastern Caribbean Cruise to soak up the sun and enjoy the island life. Maybe you need a quick weekend vacation on a Cruise to the Bahamas or a Cruise to Jamaica for celebrating a bachelor or bachelorette party where you can party the night away on a tropical island full of around the clock night life with live music, DJ's and plenty of tasty rum beverages. For those who enjoy nature in all it's majestic glory, a Cruise to Alaska is sure to satisfy, as you float by larger than life glaciers while enjoying the natural habitat and creatures of that region. How about a luxurious honeymoon voyage with a Mediterranean Cruise to experience the wonders of Europe.

Windstar-w2Looking for a Specialty Cruise?

So you've decided that the family is going to embark upon a sea voyage while the kids are on summer break and are wondering what ships offer family friendly cruises. Some ships have extensive kids programs for all ages and even offer baby-sitting so parents can have a nice romantic evening together while other ships are gearing toward more mature travelers and have no kid friendly spaces or activities. What if you'd like to ditch the open seas and travel inland on an invigorating river cruise for a complete immersion in the local cuisine and culture in the heart of some of the most picturesque and romantic cities in the world that can't be reached by large ships. There are also specialty cruises that cater to the LGBT community with exclusive gay and lesbian cruises allowing the freedom to celebrate one's sexual orientation among their peers without any scrutiny. Gay and lesbian travelers, that want to experience the excitement and luxury of a big ship cruise, can find certain cruise lines that have incorporated gay friendly cruise itineraries which offer special meet-and-greets, mixers and shore excursions in gay-friendly ports to assure their LGBT guests are well treated and have a safe and fun trip.

river cruisesTop 5 River Cruises

River cruises offer a more intimate cruise experience because they allow travelers to journey into the heart of some of the most famous metropolises. River Cruises take you to quaint villages around the globe, via the beautiful and majestic waterways, that were once the highways of the world. Read more about our 5 Best River Cruises.

couple-flatTop 10 Reasons to take a Cruise

Onboard any of the major cruise lines, cruisers will enjoy a fine dining, romantic settings, and much more all for a great price. Whether you want to spend time with the family, or just relax on board the deck, Cruise-Finders.com has the top ten reasons to making your next vacation a cruise vacation. See 10 reasons for taking a cruise.

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Our Guide to Cruise Destinations will discuss cruise to the Caribbean, including Western Caribbean Cruises, Eastern Caribbean Cruises and Southern Caribbean Cruises along with destination guides to a Mediterranean Cruises and Alaskan Cruises. Our Cruise ship guide compares the pros and cons of the various Cruise lines. Our Specialty Cruises sections are meant to give an insight in the world of cruise vacations that will help you choose voyages to suit every need that has the best mix of adventure and relaxation, even if it's your first ocean or river cruise experience. If you research long enough, we're sure that you can find a voyage that will fit your budget, your family or group needs to match your destination dreams.

All the above voyage vacation scenarios can be met and fulfilled, creating memories and experiences that will last a lifetime, with information you can find right here on our site. We aim to help the curious travelers and eager adventures on the first leg of their journey through researching all aspects and options, when choosing a cruise vacation, and relaying that information here for you to utilize in the planning stages of your next ocean or river voyage.